Monday, September 16, 2013

Secrets Revealed - My Tonner Sale Order

In last week's post about the Tonner 3 Day Sale, I mentioned that I had placed my first order directly from Tonner.  My order isn't here yet, but I am just too excited to keep it a secret any longer.  I was planning to reveal which dolls I ordered once I received them, but the anticipation of this order is just too overwhelming to contain.  I just can not wait until these girls get here to share my excitement about them.  So I have decided it is time to just spill the beans and tell you what I'm so excited about.

So last week, I'm checking my email as usual, and I see an email from Tonner about their sale - 25% off + free shipping.  Immediately, I knew it was time to finally press that "place order" button!  I'd had dolls in the cart before, but was always just a little indecisive about finalizing the order.  The doll that I absolutely knew that I wanted first was Maudlynne.

She had been in my cart before.  I just love her big eyes.  She is on the same body as my Scarlet, from Tonner Toys Little Miss Matched line from ToysRUs.   Maudlynne was originally priced at $44.99, but she is on sale for $34.99.  With the 25% off  code, she was only $26.24 with free shipping.  This was a bargain that I did not want to miss, so I quickly placed my order.

Once I got Maudlynne ordered, I continued browsing the sale to see if there were any other doll bargains that were too good to pass up.  The City Girls prices were very low, especially since they were already on sale, plus the extra 25% off and free shipping.  It was an excellent deal for them too.

While I was looking at the three City Girls that were available, I suddenly thought of Ellowyne.  I have been dreaming getting an Ellowyne doll for a long time, and thought maybe I should get her.  Then, I also remembered another little doll that I had fallen in love with recently named Patience.  At the time, I thought these were both Tonner dolls.

I couldn't find Patience on the Tonner website, but I had read that she was already sold out.  I thought that must have been why she wasn't on the website.  I decided to call the number from the email, just to ask if they had any more Patience dolls left.  The nice saleslady at told me they didn't have her, but they might have her at The Tonner Store and she gave me the phone number.  So I called the Tonner Store and spoke to the sweetest lady, who told me that they had one leftover from an event.  She explained to me how her eyes move, and even told me a funny story about a lady who had ordered Patience without knowing she had special eyes.  When she opened the box and lifted the doll out, she screamed when the doll "looked" at her.  Patience has what they call "flirty eyes", which means she can look from side to side when her head is tilted. 


I also told the saleslady that I wanted an Ellowyne with inset blue eyes and a wig instead of rooted hair.  She said they had an Essential Ellowyne Five in the store also leftover from an event.  She has inset blue eyes, applied lashes and a blonde wig.  She told me that Ellowyne was sculpted by Robert Tonner but was actually a Wilde Imagination doll, which they also sell at the Tonner Store.  Wilde Imagination is a division of Tonner, but has it's own website.  She had me go to the WI website to see the available Ellowyne dolls.  She finally found Essential Five on the Gone, but Not Forgotten page, since she is sold out on the website.  Here she is.

Patience is also a Wilde Imagination doll, which is actually why I didn't find her on the Tonner website.  I am thrilled that I couldn't find her, and I had to call to ask.  I hadn't intended on ordering both dolls, but since they were both already sold out, this might be my only chance to get them, and with the 25% off sale and free shipping... I ordered them both.  I am so excited now about all three of these dolls! 

So I'm expecting two packages to arrive this week hopefully.  Maudlynne will be coming from  And Patience and Ellowyne will be traveling together from The Tonner Store.   I just don't know how I will contain my excitement enough to resist stalking the big brown trucks all week!

GOOD NEWS!  I got another email from Tonner that the 25% Off Sale and Free Shipping has been extended through tonight.  The sale now ends Monday, September 16th at 11:59pm eastern.  Use promo code 3DAY55 through tonight to get 25% Off + Free Shipping.

Photos courtesy of the Tonner and Wilde Imagination websites.  Thanks to Nancy at Tonner for permission to use these pictures since I don't have dolls to photograph yet.  Nancy also wanted me to relay the message that Tonner has been having internet and email problems due to damage from lightening.  They hope to have the issues resolved by 7pm tonight.  

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  1. Patients looks really cool and cute! And I know you'll love Maudlynne, she's one of my favorite dolls I have.


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