Wednesday, September 25, 2013

American Girl Kit's New Dress

After making Ellowyne's new dress, my daughter wanted to sew a dress for Kit.  We decided to make one of the simple pillowcase dresses that are so popular with little girls right now.  We chose red fabric with white stars for an American Girl theme.  We actually upcycled the fabric from one of my daughter's old dresses that no longer fit, instead of using a pillowcase.  A navy ribbon is run through a pocket sewn into the top of the front and the back, and is tied at the shoulders.  The original dress had an anchor applique next to the collar, so we removed the applique and sewed it to Kit's dress just above the hemline. 

Here is Kit in her new dress.

And here's a closeup of the dress.

Kit had fun playing outside in her new dress, and stopped long enough to pose for a few pictures.


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