Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Meet Maudlynne from Tonner Toys

Introducing Maudlynne Macabre from Tonner Toys.

Maudlynne is a 15.25" tall vinyl doll from Tonner Toys, which is a division of Tonner Dolls.  She is described as a beginner collector fashion doll, even though she is from the Tonner Toys line.  She is only sold online at the Tonner Doll website.  The previous Tonner Toys line of Little Miss Matched dolls were sold at Toys R Us, but you won't find Maudlynne at TRU, only directly from Tonner.  She was originally priced at $44.99, but she is on sale now for $34.99.  I got her for a really great bargain with an extra 25% off and free shipping when I ordered her a couple weeks ago.  You can sign up for news on their website to be notified when there is a sale or free shipping event going on.

Maudlynne comes in a window style box.  Both sides of the box have the same cute picture of Maudlynne, and on the back of the box is her background story.


I thought it was peculiar that her name was spelled two different ways on the back of her box.  In the title at the top, her last name is spelled Macabre, as it is on the front of the box.  On the part with her background story, her last name is spelled McCobb.  Here's a closeup of her background story from the back of her box.

Maudlynne reminds me of Wednesday from the old black and white TV show that I watched re-runs of when I was a kid, The Addams Family.

The Addams Family (TV 1964-66)  Wednesday played by Lisa Loring
The Addams Family (Movie 1991)  Wednesday played by Christina Ricci

Maudlynne has the exact same body as the Little Miss Matched dolls, also from Tonner Toys.  They have totally different faces though.  Maudlynne has an adorable new face sculpted by Robert Tonner.  Here are the two of them together.

Maudlynne has long straight black hair that seems silkier than my Little Miss Matched Scarlet's curly locks.

In this closeup, you can see Maudlynne's huge eyes that I just love.  Her eyes are purple, and her lips are a deep rose color, just a little lighter than her burgundy dress.

This profile shows the shape of her adorable face a little better.

She is wearing a silky Victorian style burgundy dress with white bib and high neckline collar.  The dress is trimmed in black lace, and she has a satin bow at her neck.  She has a blue satin ribbon belt and dark blue tights and fingerless gloves.  The dress closes in the back with Velcro.  It seems to be very well made and fits her beautifully.  No problems taking it off or putting it back on.  She has a burgundy satin ribbon headband and black Mary-Jane shoes. 

Her adorable black Mary-Janes are made of a very soft rubbery vinyl.  They are easy to take off and put on, and they stay on her feet very well.

She has 10 points of articulation at her neck, chest, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees.  She has white painted on underwear.   With all of her dark clothes, there was only a tiny bit of staining around the edges of her feet from her blue tights.  Nothing to worry about though since she was going right back in to her original outfit. 

Maudlynne is quite posable, so here is a little gallery of some of her fun poses.

Maudlynne is sitting here with Destiny, a little Tonner Kickits doll.  You can read a review of Destiny here.

And here she is sharing her bench with two other Tonner girls, Destiny and Scarlet (Little Miss Matched).

Tonner girls together

Here is a group picture so you can see how big Maudlynne is compared to other dolls you might have in your collection.  From left to right are: American Girl Molly (18"), Maudlynne (15.25"), Hearts 4 Hearts Lauryce (14"), and Ever After High Apple White (11.5").

If you've read any 2013 Toy Fair reports or watched any of the Toy Fair videos featuring the Tonner booth like I have, you heard about Victoria, Maudlynne's ghost friend.  The prototype Victoria at toy fair was a blond haired doll dressed in an off-white lacy dress.  When I called Tonner, I asked about Victoria, and they have heard nothing about Victoria going into production.  They told me that she would not be released this year.  At this point, it is uncertain if she is still just a design idea or if she will actually be produced next year.

Bottom line:  Maudlynne is an adorable, affordable, posable, photogenic, and fun doll to add to any collection.


  1. As a homeschooler yourself, what do you think of Maudlynne's homeschooling background? I homeschooled my daughters for many years, and several friends who homeschooled were constantly frustrated fighting the stereotype that homeschoolers need "socialization", or they'll turn out awkward with no friends. As one of my daughter's friends told her, "I can't believe you were homeschooled! You seem so normal!" Have you ever heard the socialization line?


    1. I think the stereotype about homeschoolers lacking socialization comes strictly from uninformed people who don't know any homeschoolers personally. Homeschool kids do get socialization. They have families, friends, and neighbors. They go to church, they play on sports teams, and they are in karate and dance classes or clubs like Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts. We get together with other homeschoolers and take field trips to museums, NASA, the state capital, etc. Public school is not the "only" place to get socialization (and it's not the "best" place either, IMO).

      I think Maudlynne's background story about being a homeschooler lacking socialization is just as much nonsense as her best friend being a ghost. It's just a made up story that I will overlook. I like the doll for the doll herself, in spite of her weird background story. What I like better, is the idea of new doll owners coming up with their own backgrounds for their dolls with their own favorite things and activities, etc. That way everyone's doll is different (even if it's the same doll). I enjoy reading what other people write about their dolls too. It is fun and interesting and gives each doll their own individual character.

      Thanks to the link to your blog too. I'll go check it out! Have a great week.

  2. This is a lovely, lovely blog! The information is really helpful, and the pictures, layout...everything, just great!
    Also appreciated are the homeschooling remarks...homeschooling is a very good thing.


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