Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meet Ellowyne Wilde

The eagerly awaited Ellowyne Wilde has arrived.  She is from Wilde Imagination, which is a division of Tonner.  I ordered "Essential Ellowyne Five" last week directly from The Tonner Store in New York.  This version of Ellowyne is sold out on Wilde Imagination's website, but she was still available from The Tonner Store.  Ellowyne comes in a lovely shoebox style box.

Ellowyne is super easy to get out of the box.  Just untie her satin ribbons and lift her out of the box.

Essential Ellowyne Five comes dressed in a white two piece camisole and shorts outfit and lace stockings.  She also comes with a pair of designer shoes and a saddle stand.  She has a beautiful long blonde wig.  Some Ellowyne dolls have rooted hair and some have wigs.  I wanted a wigged Ellowyne so that I could have the versatility of changing her look simply by changing her wig.  Also, some Ellowyne dolls have painted eyes and others have inset glass eyes.  Both are beautiful, but I really love the inset glass eyes and long rooted eyelashes.  Here she is just out of her box, still wearing her hairnet and wrist tag.

She has 12 points of articulation (neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, hips and knees). 

"It was a dreadfully long trip.  A frappuccino would be nice."

Here is a closeup of her beautiful blue inset eyes and long lashes.  

This is the little card that was in her box and the tag that was on her wrist.

She has a saddle style stand.

 She came with an adorable pair of white designer shoes fit for a princess.

Her wig is super silky, made from saran, according to the WI website.  There are two velcro dots to keep the wig securely in place.  I'm pulling the wig back so you can see the velco dots here, but otherwise you can not see the wig cap at all.  You can't even tell it's a wig.

If you look closely at her ears, they appear to be pierced.

She is beautifully sculpted and stands 16" tall.  In person, she seems really big and rather sturdy.  Since the Moxie Teenz  are just over 14" and Ellowyne is 16", I thought I might be able to get away with dressing her in an extra Moxie Teenz dress temporarily.  Looks good from the front, right?

The back is a no go though.  It's not even close to closing.

I thought I'd go ahead and do a side by side comparison with my Moxie Teenz Melrose.  It's probably not fair to compare them, since Ellowyne is a collector doll and Moxie Teenz are play line dolls. But Melrose is the fashion doll closest in size to Ellowyne (that I have).  The difference in size is only 2 inches, but it actually looks like a lot more.

They both have inset eyes and rooted lashes.  

They have similar articulation, but there is a major difference in the quality of their vinyl.  There is a size difference in their thickness too, which is hard to pick up on camera.  It makes Ellowyne feel much more substantial though.

Since the Moxie Teenz outfit didn't fit, next I tried Hearts 4 Hearts doll, Dell's outfit.  The cut off denim shorts just don't go well with lace stockings and designer shoes though.  Dell's clothes are just a little too small also.  Like the Moxie Teenz, Hearts 4 Hearts dolls are only 14" tall, so Dell is a lot smaller than Ellowyne.

The color of Dell's floral blouse looks lovely on Ellowyne though.

I must admit, I am captivated by Ellowyne.  She is the first doll that I've ever actually wanted to sew clothes for.  Partly out of desperation, because I have nothing suitable for her to wear.  But mostly because I am inspired to design a certain style for her, to fit the personality that I imagine my Ellowyne to have. 


  1. Thanks for this review. I've always admired the Ellowyne Wilde dolls. If you don't mind my asking, what is the price range on these dolls?

    1. They are pretty similar in price to American Girl. This one, Essential Five, is a basic doll, which means she comes wearing this little shorts outfit (kind of like her undergarments), and her retail price was $109, but she was only $80 with the sale and free shipping. Dressed dolls with full outfits retail for $150-185. I've read that you can get them for almost half off with really good sales though.

    2. Thanks for the info. :) Probably something I'll have to wait on for a while, but someday... ;)

  2. I am considering getting a wigged Ellowyne, how does the hair quality compare? Does the wig come off at random points? Is it secure? Will it rip or just stay on? Is it hard to care for? Sorry for all the questions, but I don’t want to pay for a doll I don’t want, or can’t care properly for, because the Ellowyne would be my first wigged doll.

    If it makes any difference, the doll is Woefully Romantic, here’s a link:

    1. Hi Dollgirl4! Ellowyne's wig is very soft and silky. Hair this super silky must be very high quality. The wig stays on her head extremely well. It doesn't slip at all when I brushed it. It is secured with two Velcro dots which hold it in place tightly. You can't even tell its a wig.

      Woefully Romantic Ellowyne is gorgeous! I love her reddish pink hair and her teal inset eyes. Her dress is amazing. She is definitely an extremely beautiful doll. If it were me, I wouldn't hesitate because of the wig. They seem to stay on very securely. I prefer the wig, since you have the option of changing it to get a whole different look.

      Please let me know what you decide.

  3. Thanks! Based on your positive feedback of the wigged Ellowynes, I think I will get her. As soon as she goes on End of Edition sale, of course. I can't afford a full priced Ellowyne at the moment. I'm also waiting on Soft Sigh and Serious Intention. All three of these beauties need to go on End of Edition soon, before I decide to spend the Ellowyne money on something else.
    Soft Sigh:
    Serious Intention:

    1. Those too are both really beautiful. I love Soft Sigh's curly hair. I would love to find a long curly wig for my Ellowyne. That outfit and those little glasses on Serious Intention is just too cute. I still love Woefully Romantic too, and I don't think you'll get teal eyes and reddish pink hair on any other one. All three of them are really awesome. I hope you can get them when they go on End of Edition.


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