Friday, January 17, 2014

My Pullip Doll Collection

Since my last post was about the Little Pullip dolls that I found at Tuesday Morning, I thought it would be nice if I would review my entire Pullip doll collection  This post will be a mini review of each doll and some tidbits that I've learned about Pullips since I've started collecting them.

My first Pullip doll was Peter Pan.

I found her in early 2013 at Tuesday Morning.  I didn't know much about Pullips at the time.  I didn't even think Pullips were sold in stores, so I was very surprised to find them in Tuesday Morning.  I knew that $39.99 was a great price for a Pullip, but believe it or not, I didn't buy one immediately.  I took a picture of each one they had and decided I would think about it.  I'm really not an impulse shopper, and I would even say that I'm not usually a very decisive shopper either.  If I haven't decided in advance to get something, I will usually not buy it without thinking about it for a while first.  Usually, I'll think about it for days or weeks.  Many, many times, I have decided that I want something, and when I go back, it is already gone.  On the day when I first saw Pullips at TM, my husband was with me though.  When we left there, I could not stop talking about the Pullip dolls in the car.  We went to other places, and still I was talking about the Pullips.  We went by a different TM, but they didn't have any of them.  My husband decided then to go back to the first TM.  He knows how I am about deciding I want something when it's too late.  So within just a couple hours of seeing my first Pullip in person, I was back in the store to buy my first one.

Wait for me!!!
You know you want to take me home!!!

So a little about my Peter Pan Pullip...  First, I found out that Pullip is a girl.  But wait, Peter Pan is a boy, right?   I looked it up to be sure, and I read that a woman is usually cast for the role of Peter Pan in plays. Interesting...

If you research the Pullip family, you'll find that Pullip is a girl. Taeyang is a boy, and he is actually Pullip's boyfriend.  Dal is Taeyang's 13 year old little sister.  Byul is Dal's best friend (also 13 years old).

Pullip was first marketed as an Asian fashion doll by Jun Planning of Japan, but since early 2009, they have been marketed by Groove of Korea.  Even though I bought Peter Pan in 2013, her original release date was 10/2009.  New editions of Pullip dolls are released once a month.  You can find out about all releases at, which is a great resource for information about Pullips.

I fell in love with the Pullip doll's eyes.  I just love dolls with big eyes, and these dolls have some really big eyes!

Pullips have eyes that can look left, right, or forward by sliding a switch on the back of their head.

She can also wink either her left or her right eye, and she can close both eyes by pushing the buttons on the back of her head.

If you pull her hair up, you can see the buttons and sliding switch on the back of her head.

Pullips stand about 12" tall.

Pullips are jointed with a good range of posablility.  Their bodies seem fragile though.  Their head is much larger than their body, almost giving them a caricature-like appearance.  She can kneel like this, since her knees will bend to a 90 degree angle.

She reminds me here of a very sneaky Elf on the Shelf.

They have so many cute expressions, with their big eyes and their posing ability.

All the joints in their arms give them the ability to do poses like this.

They have elaborate, very detailed costumes.  Peter Pan wears a lime green silky top with bead details and kelly green tights.  

She has a purple belt with a rust colored sheath for her plastic dagger.

Her cape is a dark green soft velvet-type fabric with gold satin lining.  It hooks around her neck with a green satin ribbon loop and a gold button.

Her hat is made of green satin accented with a red jewel and feather.

She has the most adorable rust colored soft elf shoes.

Each Pullip come with a nice stand with a large sturdy plastic base.

Her red hair is a wig, so it could be replaced with a different wig if you wanted to customize her into a different character.  Her hair can also be restyled quickly from her flip under bob to flip out for a different look.

I have really enjoyed my Peter Pan Pullip, and since then I have slowly added other Pullips to my collection. So far, they have all come from Tuesday Morning, since they sell them at a great price (when they have them).

Next, I wanted one of the bigger boy dolls, a Taeyang (Pullip's boyfriend).  Tuesday Morning had Taeyang as Disney's Captain Hook.  Since Captain Hook was the same theme as my Peter Pan Pullip, I decided to get him next.  Captain Hook's original release date was 10/2008.

Taeyang is larger than Pullip at about 14 inches tall.  Captain Hook is a couple inches taller than Peter Pan, not including their hats.  Taeyang dolls have the same eye mechanisms as Pullips, so Captain Hook can look forward, left, right, wink, and close his eyes.

What I love most about Hook (as I fondly call him after Hook from the TV series "Once Upon a Time") is his coloring.  He has a darker tone than Pullip, which I think makes him look like he's made of wood.  He has a separate hook that slips over his normal hand.

He too has an extremely elaborate costume.  Just look at his fancy burgundy and gold jacket with the lace ruffle shirt, and the nice leather sheath for his sword.

Captain Hook's pirate hat is huge!   It is burgundy with a gold braided trim and a white feather.

His shoes are black with a golden buckle.  Taeyang has much larger feet than Pullip.

Later, I decided to add Pinocchio to my collection.  Of course, Pinocchio is from a different fairy tale than Peter Pan and Captain Hook, but she was just so cute and colorful... and if I could only get one more, I wanted her next.  I was adding these dolls to my collection slowly over the course of several months, so I had no idea if I'd get another one or not.  If you're wondering why I said "she," it's because Pinocchio is a Dal.  Since in the Pullip family, Dal is Taeyang's little sister, Dal as Pinocchio is a girl.  Dal is smaller than Pullip at only 10 inches tall.  Pinocchio's original release date was 3/2010.

Pinocchio has a cute face with huge blue eyes.  Dal's eye mechanism is different from Pullip and Taeyang. Dal has the slide switch on the back of her head so she can look left, right, or forward, but she does not have the buttons that close her eyes.

Her costume is so pretty and colorful.  It has an adorable dutch flair with it's red, yellow, and blue colors.  It has so many pretty details like lace and a pretty floral ribbon trim.

She wears knee length pants which also have the floral ribbon and lace trim.

I love her adorable dutch shoes.

She has a yellow hat with blue trim and a red feather.

Pinocchio also comes with this precious little rubber tree branch that fits right over her nose.  Tie it on with the little orange ribbon, and her nose grows instantly.

My next Pullip was another from the Peter Pan series.  I just fell in love with the big brown eyes of "Tiger Lily", the little Indian girl.  Her original release date was 10/2009.  Tiger Lily is a Byul, Dal's best friend in the Pullip family.  Byul is the same size as Dal.

Another very detailed costume with embroidered ribbon and a feathery trim.  She also comes with a bow, arrows and a beautifully detailed quiver.

She has an embroidered headband with feathers.

I love her very detailed shoes.

Her black hair is parted into two long braids.  In the back, you can see her sliding switch for her eyes.  She has the same eye mechanism as Pinocchio (Dal).  Her eyes can move left, right, or forward, but not close or wink like Pullip or Taeyang.

For my birthday, my oldest daughter bought me another doll, Tinkerbell,  to finish out my Peter Pan collection.  Tinkerbell is also a Dal (like Pinocchio).  Her original release date was 10/2009.  I love fairies, and was so excited to get her.  Tink probably would have been my first Pullip doll choice, but she looked a little pouty.  I usually like happy, smiley dolls, and Tink was more pouty.  My daughter reminded me that this was Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, in which Tinkerbell was pouting most of the time.  This made Dal the perfect sculpt for Tinkerbell, true to her character from Disney's Peter Pan movie on which she is based.

Tinkerbell is a cutie with those huge aqua blue eyes.  She has yellow eye shadow and soft pink lips.  She has the sliding eye mechansim, so she can look left, right, or forward.  Her golden hair is pulled up into a bun on top.

She is wearing a green silky dress with lots of trims and bead details.  The bottom of the dress is in the shape of leaves.  There are also leaves attached to her purse.

She has a big green silky bow to attach to the back of her bun and lavender sheer wings that attach to the back of her dress with a tiny metal snap.

She is wearing white fishnet tights and soft green fairy shoes with white puff balls.

My complete Peter Pan collection all together.

My most recent addition to my Pullip collection just came last weekend.  I was checking a few different Tuesday Morning stores, looking for the Little Pullips, and I ran across a Dumbo in the clearance section.  She had a blue sticker, which meant she was 40% off, so I got her for just $23.99.

Dumbo is a Byul, so she is the same sculpt as Tiger Lily.  Her original release date was 3/2010.  She comes wearing a stuffed Dumbo elephant costume.  This costume too is very elaborate, consisting of a stuffed elephant body suit, a stuffed elephant head hat, fuzzy mittens and elephant feet slippers.  She also has a separate yellow collar with red trim and a matching yellow hat that attaches to the elephant head.

She has big blue eyes and short silver blue hair.  Such a cutie.

Attached inside her box was a blue and white polka dot pajama set, so I took off her Dumbo costume to put the pajamas underneath.  Here's her Dumbo costume.

Here's her card that she came with.  All Pullip dolls come with a thick card with their picture on the front and some information (mostly in Chinese writing) on the back.

While she was undressed, I took some pictures of her joints and posability.   Her head can turn from side to side, but not up and down.  She is jointed at the shoulders, elbows and wrist.  She also has an extra joint between the shoulder and elbow that allows her arm to twist out.  Her torso has two joints, one at the waist and another a bit higher.

She is jointed at the hips, knees, and ankles.

She can bend her knee to a 90 degree angle.

She can sit in a chair, but the size of her head makes it a little harder to balance her.

She looks so cute in her pajamas and elephant slippers.

She can also wear the Dumbo collar as a skirt and pretend to be a ballerina.

For size comparison, here is Byul as Dumbo with Ever After High Madeline Hatter.

 I wish I were able to make a cute flipbook so she could blow you a kiss.

Look, she can play peek-a-boo.

Oh, lets try that again, with the mittens.

As I mentioned before, I found Dumbo while looking for the Little Pullip dolls that I featured in my last post.  Here's a picture to show the size difference between the dolls in the Pullip family, including Taeyang, Pullip, Dal, and Little Pullip.  

Captain Hook (Taeyang 14"), Peter Pan (Pullip 12"), 
Tinkerbell (Dal 10", Byul is also 10"), 
and Princess Tulip (Little Pullip 5").

In addition to Dumbo, I also found four more of the Little Pullips over the weekend.  

Little Pullip Stica

Little Pullip Hippopo

Little Dal Rooster

Little Dal Humpty Dumpty

I just loved Stica's black and white maid outfit and her curly ponytails.

It's very hard to see in the picture, but I think she has two different color eyes.  One eye is a light rose color and the other is a darker burgundy.  I don't know if all Stica's have this color variation in their eyes, but I think it's unusual and I like it.  She has thick blond curly hair that is pulled up in two high ponytails.

I haven't opened any of the other three Littles yet, since I haven't decided if I should keep them or not. What do you think of Hippopo, Rooster, and Humpty Dumpty?  Even though the price is only $9.99 each, it starts adding up when there are multiples.  I'd love to hear what you would do in the comments below.

So that's my Pullip collection, for now.  I hope you enjoyed reading about them.


  1. Thank you for doing these reviews, although it is costing me money to read them! I had to visit a Tuesday morning and I found a couple of dolls that I just had to have.
    Your photos and comments make me want even more dolls!

    1. Isabelle, I'm so glad you found some dolls at your Tuesday Morning too. Which ones did you get?

    2. I managed to buy a couple of the J-Dolls for $19.99. I was amazed at the quality of the dolls, so I went back to buy the last one but it was gone!
      I really would like to find some of the smaller ball jointed dolls, so I will just have to check Tuesday Morning regularly. Thanks for these blog posts, I never knew that this store carried toys.

  2. I vote for keeping the other three little ones. Humpty Dumpty will fit in with your other fairy tale/nursery rhyme dolls, and Rooster and Hippopo can be Dumbo's animal friends. You've got a cute set of dolls, by the way. Makes me wonder what our local Tuesday Morning might have!

    1. RagingMoon - thanks so much for weighing in with your vote. I think you are right that the other three Littles would fit right in. Hippopo and Rooster fit right in with Dormouse Little and even Dumbo with their animal theme hats. Humpty Dumpty definitely fits in with the other fairy tale characters too. She even has a cute broken egg hat. From what I've heard so far, every Tuesday Morning has different ones... so checking to see what your has is like a fun treasure hunt. I hope you find some that you like!

  3. I have 5 Tuesday Morning stores in my city, although none are particularly close to where I live. I've been to all of them numerous times and have never found a Pullip doll. It's sad. I did find a couple of the J-dolls and bought them right away but I don't think they are nearly as cute. After reading your post I'm not giving up though.

    1. Don't give up Wanda. Just when you're ready to give up on Tuesday Morning because you never find anything there, you find something awesome. Just keep checking. I hope you find some Pullip dolls at your Tuesday Mornings soon!

  4. I'm a very new Pullip fan, who is just learning how much I have yet to learn about these pretty girls (and boys). I never knew till today that the company even made a Peter Pan group. Your collection is awesome...thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

    1. Thank you Laughsatluna! I have much to learn about Pullips too! :) My Pullip collection is pretty limited to what I've found at Tuesday Morning! I love them all, but they are so much more affordable there. If you have a Tuesday Morning in your area, you'll definitely want to keep a watch there for Pullip dolls. I just found another Little Pullip there this weekend, so they are still getting new ones in stock.

  5. Hi, I was wondering if these were still at Tuesday Mornings?

    Thank You

    1. Hi Mrs. Macarons! I haven't seen any Pullips at my local Tuesday Morning lately, but they show up sporadically. You may see them, then once they're gone, it may be months before they get any more in. Just keep checking. I have usually found them on the toy aisle, but sometimes they will put them in the glass case by the register. Good Luck!!!!!


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