Friday, September 6, 2013

Mini American Girl Clothes & Shoes from Etsy

I am very excited to share some pictures of the new clothes and shoes that I ordered for my American Girl Mini Dolls.  As you know, AG doesn't sell any additional clothes for the mini dolls.  So that means our mini dolls were forever stuck in the one outfit they came in.  But not any more!   Etsy shop owner, Auntie Robin, sells custom made clothes for mini AG dolls.  Not only does Auntie Robin sell adorable clothes and shoes for minis, she will actually make mini-size versions of your favorite 18" AG clothes.  Her mini clothes are affordable too, usually around $6 per outfit. 

My custom order came quickly in a bubble mailer, with the items inside wrapped in tissue paper.

Here's a peek at what was inside the package (what I wanted most in mini size)...

The very first thing I wanted was a red gingham bonnet for mini Kirsten.  I have always admired Kirsten's bonnet and wished mini Kirsten had one too.  I can remember my Granny wearing bonnets when she worked in the garden.  I even had one just like Granny's when I was a little girl.  So I sent Auntie Robin a picture and asked her if she could make a bonnet like this for my mini Kirsten. 

 And she did...

Doesn't she look adorable in her tiny custom made bonnet?  It is very well made.  She did such a great job.

Since Kirsten was getting her bonnet, I decided Felicity needed her bonnet too.  Felicity wanted to send Auntie Robin a great big hug to say "Thank You" for her bonnet.

I always liked Samantha's Play Dress and Pinafore too, so I sent this picture and asked for one like it in mini size.

Look at this precious tiny version that Auntie Robin made.

Here is my mini Samantha wearing her very own mini Play Dress.

The dress and pinafore are two separate pieces.  These are very well made with finished seams and real snap closures in the back (no velcro).

Auntie Robin also solved another problem I had with my mini dolls.  Two of my mini dolls had each lost one shoe while busy playing with my daughters.  I had called American Girl to inquire about buying replacement shoes, but was disappointed to find that AG doesn't sell any replacement parts for mini dolls.  While messaging back and forth with Auntie Robin, I found out that she sells shoes too.  I ordered a pair of faux leather bow shoes for Kirsten.  They are super adorable.  They look a lot like Felicity's shoes, but they stay on her feet so much better!

Kirsten's makeover before and after...

Before - poor barefoot Kirsten
After - New shoes & bonnet

Auntie Robin also sent these adorable faux leather boots with flower stitching on the sides.

Check out how cute these boots look on Mini Saige.

Julie is the lucky lady who will get to wear these pretty boots though.  She has also been going barefoot ever since she lost one of her sandals. 

Thanks for the pretty boots Auntie Robin!

I highly recommend Auntie Robin's Etsy Shop.  She does great work.  Check out her Etsy shop here.  Send her a message on Etsy to ask her to make your favorite AG outfit in mini size or if you need an extra pair of shoes for your mini doll.  I'll definitely be going back for more of her cute mini doll clothes and shoes!


  1. do you have outfits for Maryellen, Rebecca and Kit?

    1. e-mail me at I did not make these but I do make for the mini AG

  2. Do you have Christmas dresses for mini American Girl dolls? I would love one for my Felicity. The clothes look great. Thanks!


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