Monday, September 30, 2013

Ellowyne, Patience & Maudlynne

These are my three newest girls from Tonner and Wilde Imagination.  All three were ordered from the Tonner sale a couple weeks ago. 

Maudlynne, Ellowyne, & Patience

I received a question from Nicolette, asking if Maudlynne would make a good pal for Patience.   That's an excellent question, so I decided to answer it here, in case anyone else was wondering the same thing.  By the way, if you like Ellowyne, you should definitely check out Nicolette's blog, Dilly's Dolly Blog.  She has some very beautiful pictures of all of her Ellowyne dolls, plus great links to sewing patterns, craft tutorials and more.  

To answer Nicolette's question, I think Maudlynne and Patience would make great pals actually.  They are very compatable in size.  As you can see from the pictures, Maudlynne and Patience both have larger heads, whereas Ellowyne has a smaller head more proportionate to her body.   Here's another picture to better show their size comparison in height and proportion.  Ellowyne is 16" tall, Maudlynne is 15.25" tall, and Patience is 14" tall. 


A Friendship Story 

"Maudlynne, I'd like to introduce you to Patience, " said Ellowyne.

Getting to know each other.

Budding friendship.

"Let's put our heads together and think of something fun to do."

"I know what we can do," Patience whispers.

"Come on Maudlynne, let's go outside."

"It's such a beautiful fall day!"

Friendship in bloom.

Sharing secrets.

Friends Forever

What do you think?  Do Maudlynne and Patience make good pals?  I would love to hear everyone's opinion on how these two look together.   Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.  And if you have any questions, or a request for anything you'd like to see posted here, please let me know.


  1. All three dolls are good-looking, but compared to Patience, Maudlynn looks less "real" and more like a caricature (which, I suppose, is the idea).

    1. I think the biggest difference between Patience and Maudlynne is their eyes. Patience has inset eyes and rooted lashes, but Maudlynne has painted eyes. I think you're right N, about the caricature look of Maudlynne being the idea, since they could have painted her eyes to look more real like other dolls with painted eyes, but they way her eyes are painted gives her that caricature appearance. Both Patience and Maudlynne were sculpted by Robert Tonner, but Patience was sculpted for Wilde Imagination and Maudlynne for Tonner Toys. There's a big price difference between the two, which translates into a difference in quality. Also, Patience is way more articulated than Maudlynne. Both dolls are adorable in their own way though. :)

  2. Think they look perfect together. Just got my Patience, I'll be looking for Maudlynnr.


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