Friday, September 20, 2013

Meet Patience from Wilde Imagination

Introducing Garden Patience from Wilde Imagination...

Patience arrived this week from The Tonner Store, and she is just about the cutest thing ever.  She has huge eyes, which I love on any doll.  Not only does she have beautiful green inset eyes, but she has "flirty eyes", which means when you tilt her head from side to side, her eyes move.  It's hard to show in pictures how her eyes move, so I made a video so you can see it in action.

Quoted from the Wilde Imagination website:
Who is Patience, you ask?  She's a little girl just filled with curiosity, apparent in her eager eyes. Patience is a doll like no other:  She's 14" tall with attitude as big as her head (meaning her head is delightfully...full!), and flirty eyes that move from side to side as she contemplates her next adventure.  Patience is crafted of vinyl and hard-plastic, and has 14-points of articulation for loads of posing and fun, and her wardrobe is beyond charming. When she's around, you're sure to have endless Patience no matter WHAT is thrown your way!

Straight from the creative minds of Wilde Imagination and sculpted by Robert Tonner, Patience is our newest line that's sure to please doll collectors everywhere. The premiere doll Garden Patience debuted at the Tonner Summer Launch Party Weekend on August 16th to much excitement and acclaim - and this fall will see additional dolls debut.  
Garden Patience is the first doll in this new series, and is limited to an edition of 300.  More Patience dolls are scheduled to be released this fall. 

This curious little girl is so expressive that she is just a blast to photograph.  I really had fun taking these garden pictures of her, she is Garden Patience, after all.

The other garden pictures will have to wait until the bottom of the post, since there are so many important details to share.  In this profile picture, you can see her rooted (or applied) lashes.

She has a 7 piece outfit, not counting her hair bow.  I didn't realize how many layers it was until I started taking it off.  The over skirt is made of 2 layers of a very soft tulle with embroidered flowers and lace trim with ribbon flowers appliqued. There is a ribbon bow on the back and a snap closure.


Underneath, there is a separate ivory satin dress with pretty little gathers across the bodice.  It also has a snap closure.

She has a pair of satin and lace bloomers or pantaloons, a pair of pink lace fingerless gloves that match her tights, and a pair of pink shoes with flowers.

Underneath all that, she has not one, but two pairs of stockings.  She has an adorable pair of soft pink lace tights.  Then once I removed those, there were a pair of tan stockings under them.

After all those layers are off, we can see all 14 points of articulation.

Her head is fully posable.  Her neck can turn to the left and right, tilt side to side (which makes her eyes move), and forward and back to look up and down.  She has an articulated torso that can lean from side to side.

The ball joint at her shoulders allow her arms to move up and down and out away from her body and back in toward her body.  Her elbows seem to have at least a three part joint, and her wrists are also jointed.  All of these joints combine to make her arms and hands super posable.

Her hips have a ball joint inside that you can just barely see if you turn her hip outward.  She also has a twisting joint in her thigh that allows her leg to turn even more.  The twisting joint is the line (or little ring) that you see that goes around each thigh.  They must count the hip joint and thigh joint all as one joint though, because she would have 16 points of articulation instead of 14 if they were counted separately. 

Ball joint inside hip.
Twisting joint around thigh.

She has a ball joint in her knees.

She is also jointed at the ankles, but I was most amazed by the sculpting of her feet.  Her toes and toenails are very well defined.  It doesn't even show up in the picture the way it looks in person.

Sorry there are so many undressed pictures, but that's a lot of articulation to show.  Back in her lovely dress now, you can see her long red hair.  Her hair is a wig, but it is glued onto her head.  So you can't easily change the wig to change her look like you can with Ellowyne's removable wig.  Her hair is soft, but it doesn't seem quite as silky as Ellowyne's wig.  Maybe it is made of a different type of hair fiber.  Her hair is tied in a topknot ponytail with a big pink ribbon on top and smaller ribbons with attached flowers cascading down each side.

She comes with a stand, but I'm not sure how well she will stay put in it.  It slips around her waist, but I'd feel more comfortable if there were something to secure her in the stand so she won't slip out.  I like posing her in this little wooden chair for now.

With her big eyes that move, she reminds me of my Pullip dolls, so I thought I'd bring one out to pose for some pictures with Patience.  Peter Pan has the closest hair color to Patience, but Patience is a good bit bigger than a Pullip.  Pullip doll's eyes move by a switch on the back of their head, whereas Patience eyes move just by tilting her head.

Here's a little Patience and Peter Pan photo story.

Hi little friend!  Would you like to dance?
Follow me!  Do what I do.
First we do this.
Then this.
And we're dancing!

Finally, here are a few more pictures of Garden Patience.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Patience.  Please leave your comments or questions below.


  1. Very pretty girl . I really like her sweet face!

    1. Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I just found your Dolls World blog by clicking on your name in the comment. Your sewing and pictures are amazing!

  2. Aww she's so adorable

  3. Your pictures are great! Thanks for sharing. She is a cutie!!

  4. She is adorable! I was considering purchasing her which is why I found you, and after viewing your site, I think I am going to have to buy her!:) Thank you so much for sharing! :)

    1. She is an amazing doll, very different from other dolls, and so completely adorable. I think you will love her too!!!


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