Wednesday, July 3, 2013

American Girl Hopscotch Hill Logan Doll Review

I would like to introduce you to Logan.

Logan is from American Girl's Hopscotch Hill School.  She was one of the lot of five AG dolls that I recently acquired through Craigslist for $109.  Before finding little Logan, I was not even aware that American Girl made Hopscotch Hill School dolls.  The only thing I knew about Hopscotch Hill was that I had purchased some of the American Girl Hopscotch Hill School books for my daughters at a used bookstore a few years ago.  The books were written by Valerie Tripp.  Here are the books that my girls have.

Logan is 16" tall and super posable.  She has an all vinyl body, instead of a stuffed body like our 18" AG dolls.  Here she is with the Samantha doll that I got in the lot with her and also with our Marie Grace mini doll for size comparison.

She's pretty close in size and body shape to my Little Miss Matched doll from Tonner Toys.  Here are some pictures of them together for size comparison.

You can see that Logan is just a little taller than Little Miss Matched.

Logan comes dressed in denim overalls with a ladybug applique, a red, blue and pink striped long sleeve shirt, white underwear, long blue socks, and cute red boots.  Her blond hair is pulled up in two pigtails.  She has an adorable expressive face with painted blue eyes. 

Her neck is marked 2003 Pleasant Company.  According to online research, American Girl completely retired the Hopscotch Hill School line in 2006.

Her head is very posable.  It adds so much more expression and personality to her face.

Her elbows and knees are ball jointed, which makes her capable of all kinds of poses.

Elbow joint

Knee joint

Now, for the fun part, you can see how much fun this doll is to pose.  I took so many cute, fun pictures of her, I had a hard time deciding which ones to use.  

She can sit criss-cross applesauce.

 She can kneel beautifully.

Look how natural she looks in this reclining pose.

Sitting pretty for a picture.

It's a little harder to get her to stand alone with all her ball joints, but it can be done.

Here she is playing with mini Marie Grace.

Logan is a really fun doll to have around.  She likes to hang out on my desk.

I have to watch her closely though.  She can get into all kinds of trouble!

Thanks for reading about our playful little Hopscotch Hill School girl, Logan.  Please feel free to leave a comment below and tell me if you've ever heard of the Hopscotch Hill School dolls and what you think of them.



  1. I absolutely love the Hopscotch Hill dolls! I've always thought about getting one, but after seeing how posable they are, I might have to go look on eBay! Logan is absolutely adorable! Congrats on your awesome Craigslist find, by the way. (:

    1. Thanks! I hope you'll find a good deal on a Hopscotch Hill doll too!!!

  2. Awesome review! You have actually made me reconsider what I previously thought of the Hopscotch Hill Dolls. (Which was that I don't like them that much. You are convincing me they are pretty OK.) Also, your review style reminds me a little bit of the Toybox Philosopher blog especially with how you pose the dolls and then photograph them.

    1. Thanks! It was so much fun to photograph Logan because of all the ways you can pose her. There's just so much you can do with those ball type elbow and knee joints.

  3. My daughter has Logan and many, many accessories. I am contemplating selling everything. Does anyone have any idea where I can find out the value? Everything is like new.

    1. To find out what the current value is, I would suggest checking ebay. Do a search for the item you have, then click on the box to see only the SOLD items. Don't look at current auctions to find the value, but look at only the completed auctions where the item actually has been sold. Looking at the what they have actually sold for will give you the best idea of their current value.

    2. Hi JP! I would be interested in looking at what you have unless you have sold already. Thanks!

  4. Im so hapy I saw this posting. My daughter had al but , I beleive, of the HOpscotch Hill Dolls, I loved them-so did she. They were a great "in between" doll for girls who got AG dolls, without yet buying an AG doll, only Bitty Babies.
    Thanks for the advice of looking on Ebay, I have been thinking about selling the lot of them. Im so glad I kept the boxes.

  5. Can Logan share clothes with any of the Tonner dolls?

  6. Does anyone have information on how to tighten the head, lower arms, and lower legs of the Hopscotch Hill dolls? The heads do not come off or come apart. Most of them get loose over time. I really want to repair the ones I have so I can pose them. Thank you for any help you can offer!!!

    1. I would love to know about repairing them, too. I have one that is in great condition but her legs and head are not very stable. Just glancing inside, I can't figure out how to do it.

    2. I would also love to know how to repair them. I have one that is in great condition but the head and legs need to be tightened. I glanced inside but can't seem to figure out how to make it work! Love Logan's pictures!

  7. hola i was wondering do you make your cloths???


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