Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Meet Otto, Schoenhut 11" Toddler

Hi Doll Friends,

Martha is so excited to introduce you to her baby brother, Otto!

Otto is a tiny all wood Schoenhut toddler. At just 11" tall, this was the smallest size Schoenhut doll made. He is a model number 11/107, which was made from 1917-1926. Isn't he a sweet, handsome little tot?

The #107 refers to the painted hair toddler, but there was also a #107W, which was a wigged version. As you can see, Otto is the painted hair version.

It's amazing how well these dolls have survived a history of nearly 100 years. As with most Schoenhut dolls, they were not able to escape without a few bumps and bruises along the way. Otto must have fallen down and bumped his nose. He has a wee scrape on the tip of his little nose, evidence of his lifetime of love.

Here you can see the size difference between little 11" Otto and Martha, who is 16" tall.

The 11" toddler has a fully jointed toddler body with the same metal spring jointing and points of articulation as the larger dolls. His body looks like Martha's, only smaller. See more about the amazing Schoenhut articulation on Martha's page by clicking here.

He has the oval decal mark on his back and a smaller round copyright mark on his neck. Only the babies had the round 1913 copyright mark on the back of the neck.

The Schoenhut babies were designed by Harry E. Schoenhut, Albert Schoenhut's fifth son. Harry modeled the baby on his nephew, William (Bill) F. Schoenhut, the thirteenth grandchild of Albert Schoenhut, when he was approximately nine months old. In these profile pictures, you can see the sculpting of his little wooden face.

According to Carol Corson's Schoenhut book, Bill showed the original plaster mold that was modeled in his likeness at the First Schoenhut Collector's Club Convention in October 1986. It still looked like him even then, 75 years later. Although, Bill told the convention attendees that at the time his mother complained that her son did not have all those "bumps on his head." :)

Bill (William F.) Schoenhut at the 1st
Schoenhut Collector's Club Convention
in October 1986

Otto's History

I found Otto on Ruby Lane, which is an online marketplace for antique and vintage dolls. The seller told me that she bought him in San Diego, California from his previous owner's estate. His previous owner was a lady that passed away in the 1980's. She loved her dolls dearly and she sewed clothes for them. She made Otto's adorable outfit that he came wearing. The lady's husband kept her entire collection as long as he lived, and then after his passing, they went to their estate. The couple had no children and their estate went to an Aunt, who sold the collection.

Otto wears a blue and white striped button front shirt with a white collar and a pair of blue knickers. The shirt attaches to the knickers with tiny buttons at the waist. Underneath, he is wearing a union suit that buttons in the front. He is also wearing black socks and shoes.

A lifetime of love continues...

Otto is so happy to be here and to meet his new big sister!

Otto can't wait to drag Martha off to go play.

Come on Martha!!! Let's go!!!

We can play with my bear!

I wuv this bear! He is so soft and cuddly...

...and fun to play with!

You wanna hold him, Martha?

Martha keeps Otto busy pulling him around in his little red wagon.

Otto loves riding in the wagon!!!

But mostly he just loves his big sister... and she loves him!

Thanks for visiting to welcome Otto! Please leave a comment below to let us know you were here. We'd love to hear from you!


Monday, April 20, 2015

Meet Our Dolls - New Photo Gallery Page

Hi Doll Friends!

I am so excited to tell you about a new photo gallery page that I've been working on. Over the past couple years, I have posted a lot of introductions and reviews of the dolls in our collection. This new page is a virtual photo gallery of each doll from these review and intro posts. Every photo in the gallery is a link to the full post about that doll.

You can view the Meet Our Dolls gallery any time by clicking on the Meet Our Dolls link in the blog header above. I hope this gallery will be a fun and easy way to navigate these posts. Once you're on the Meet Our Dolls page, just click on any picture in the gallery to go to the full post for more information and pictures of that doll.

I'd love for you to try it out, and tell me what you think! The gallery will continue to grow as new doll review and introduction posts are added.

Have a wonderful week!


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dollhouse Update Tour

Hi Doll Friends,

I thought I'd share some scenes from the dollhouse today. If you've ever worked on a dollhouse, you'll know that a dollhouse is never truly finished, but they continue to be worked on and evolve much like our own homes. I am always on the lookout for new and old things to add to the dollhouse, and I have a plethora of dollhouse ideas just waiting to be accomplished.

So this will be a kind of tour of how the dollhouse looks as of today. Here is the exterior front of the house. Plans are to add lots of greenery and flowers, so the curb appeal will be changing soon.

Out on the veranda, is the new barbecue pit that I picked up at Michael's last weekend. On either side are red metal patio chairs.

A close up of the metal barbecue pit. The cute red gingham towel came with it.

At the other end of the veranda is the rabbit hutch and a twiggy chair.

Continuing our tour inside, we'll start in the kitchen. There are black and white checkerboard floors and red wallpaper. I custom built the rustic cabinets, island, and the appliances.

The dining table is set for a lovely tea party.

The style in the kitchen is a bit of vintage shabby chic with a touch of Mary Engelbreit.

Next door in the living room, you'll see my custom made ceiling fan. Click here for a tutorial to make your own ceiling fan that really spins with manual power. I am planning to make a shabby chic slip cover for the sofa and chair. This was my last room to buy furniture for, so a lot of finishing touches are still needed in here. Lamps, doilies, artwork, and much more to come.

Heading up the stairs to the 2nd floor brings us into the craft room. All manner of sewing, arts, and crafts goes on here. Mom is busy at the sewing machine, and her friend, the little primitive clothespin doll, has stopped by for a crafting party. She has brought a basket of craft supplies and snacks for the party. The french door opens out onto the upstairs balcony. The door on the left goes into the master bedroom.

The master bedroom has pink floral wallpaper and hardwood floors.

There's a comfy quilt on the bed and lace curtains on the bay windows. I found the little walnut table that's in front of the window at an antique store last weekend. The table has six legs and is marked Strombecker on the bottom. It is from the 1930's.

The bathroom is situated on the 2nd floor next to the master bedroom. It has dark blue tile floor and light blue walls with white wainscoting and lacey trim.

The metal washtub and washboard are next to the sink. The linen cupboard is filled with fluffy towels and tissue paper. Hanging above is the rose plaque that I painted on wood.

Finally going up the stairs to the 3rd floor, you'll find the kids room.

The back wall of the kids room has fairy garden wallpaper. The kids love dollhouses, so you'll see there are quite a few in their room, along with their various other toys.

They love the tiny Kewpie dolls that I bought last weekend at the antique store.

The kids decide to have a tea party to try out their new table and chair set.

On the other side of the room is the nursery where Amelia Thimble is babysitting quite a few little ones.

Inside the crib is a tiny Heidi Ott infant dressed in a white crochet dress and bonnet.  A tiny Pinocchio mobile hangs above her crib.

Two Renwal toddlers are playing in their 1950's Renwal playpen. I found a little Sunbonnet Sue quilt that fits perfectly in the bottom to keep them comfy.

Here is a final view of the whole inside of the dollhouse at once.

I hope you enjoyed our update tour of the dollhouse. Please leave your thoughts, questions, and suggestions in the comment section below. I'd love to hear from you!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thrifty Finds This Week

Hi Doll Friends,

We hit some of our favorite stores and antique malls this weekend, so I thought I'd share some of our thrifty finds. If you like miniatures, you should definitely check out your local Michael's. They have just put out a brand new selection of dollhouse miniatures. One of the two Michael's stores that I went to had placed the new miniatures on a completely different aisle, separate from their old mini stock.

I only picked up a couple minis from this new line, because I like to use a coupon to get a bargain. I'll definitely be going back for more though. There were so many cute new minis that I hadn't seen elsewhere before. I got this adorable metal barbecue pit. It is just so realistic. It was one of the more expensive miniatures at $8.99, but it was still only $4.50 with the coupon.

I thought these little metal guns were very realistically detailed too. They are actually made of metal, not resin or plastic. They came two to a pack for 4.99 before the coupon.

I'm planning some new craft projects, so I also picked up this set of 36 Artist's Loft watercolor paints on sale for just $2.99

At one of my favorite Antique Malls, I found this very old, antique doll trunk. It is made of metal and wood, and it is probably from the late 1800's.

My daughter has been collecting old primitive wooden boxes, and when she found this old doll trunk in our favorite primitives booth, I just had to buy it.

I'd love to know the history of this old doll trunk. It's fun to just imagine who it belonged too, where it's been and what treasures it held.

I also picked up this sweet little primitive stuffed sheep from the same booth.

I found lots of dollhouse miniatures at the antique malls too. These two tiny vinyl Kewpie dolls will be perfect toys for the dollhouse at just under 2" tall.

I also bought a miniature old fashioned metal washtub and washboard and a tiny brass umbrella stand.

This adorable miniature red wooden table and chair set is painted in a dutch style I think.

I really love the chippy paint on this little cast iron potbelly stove.

Here it is with my Gone With The Wind Mammy doll that I got at the doll show.

It must have been a day for finding stoves, because I came home with quite a few. This is another cast iron Queen stove to add to my collection. Mini American Girl Samantha volunteered to show you how big it is.

This is my third cast iron stove, but the neatest thing is that all three that I have found are different sizes. This latest find is a medium size when compared to my other two.

Mini American Girl Kirsten shows off another new stove. This is a vintage German MFZ tin lithographed stove, probably from the 1940-50's.

Ann Estelle is claiming this rusty old vintage Marx Pretty Maid tin stove for her kitchen. It is also probably from the 1940-50's.

Her Mary Engelbreit teapots look very new against this rusty old stove, but Ann Estelle thinks it will do for now.

Ruby, my Ruby Red Galleria Bleuette shows off this antique reproduction buggy that I found at an antique mall.

I added a tiny antique China to my growing little china doll collection. She's the little one in the rusty orange dress.

I purchased this little 6" China from my local doll club friend who travels to doll shows all over the country, buying and selling antique dolls.

The back of her shoulder plate is marked Germany.

I just love her tiny sweet face.

This last one was an eBay find, a 4" tall Itty Bitty Hitty. This 4" version is also carved from wood by Robert Raikes. She is dressed in a burgundy print dress with an ivory pinafore. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. Here is Itty Bitty Hitty with my traditional size 6 1/2" Hitty.

I hope you enjoyed seeing our latest thrifty finds. Please leave a comment below to tell us about your latest fun finds.  I'd love to hear from you!!!