Dollhouse Building

I started building a dollhouse in February 2014. This is turning out to be an ongoing project with dollhouse building posts spanning over months so far. This page will list links to all of the dollhouse building posts in order from the beginning.

Part 1 

Opening the box, priming the pieces and the dry fit.

Click here for Part 1

Part 2

House construction, painting, wallpapering, and flooring.

Click here for Part 2

Part 3

Roof, doors, windows and shutters added.

Click here for Part 3

Part 4

Working on shingles on the outside and molding and trim inside.

Click here for Part 4

Part 5

A shabby chic cottage kitchen built from scratch.

Click here for Part 5

Part 6

Lots more changes to the shabby chic kitchen.

Click here for Part 6

Part 7

Miniature ceiling fan added to the living room.  Step by step tutorial on how to make one.

Click here for Part 7

Part 8

Lots of changes both inside and out. Stonework foundation and patio finished. French Quarter style balcony. New furnishings and decor added inside.

Click here for Part 8

Part 9

Stonework Tutorial - a fun and easy technique to add stonework to a dollhouse or room box.

Click here for Part 9

Part 10

An updated tour of our ever-changing dollhouse.

 Click here for Part 10
Click here for Part 10

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