Thursday, August 8, 2013

What's New at Target

I stopped by Target today, and was pleasantly surprised to find that there are lots of new items that were not there just a few days ago.  It is so exciting when new items hit the shelves!  They have rearranged the toy department completely to make room for all the new stock.

In the Our Generation 18" Dolls and Accessories aisle, they have a new Horse Stable.  It is very nicely made of wood with a pretty scalloped roof.  It is a big purchase though with a hefty price tag of $79.99.  Here are some pictures, in case you haven't seen it yet.

Love the scalloped roof
Made of wood with metal hinges
Wooden OG logo on the scalloped roof
Love the metal door handles
Lots of accessories included

Another big ticket OG Accessory is the new OG Kitchen.  The price for this is $61.99.  This is very similar to the silver plastic one they had before, but now it's a red kitchen.  We have the older white wooden OG Kitchen.  I love all the accessories that come with the new red kitchen.

Very pretty tile backsplash

Also new in the OG line are three new accessory sets.  These sets are $6.99 each.  In the picture below, on top is a yellow and pink polka dot backpack set.   On the bottom left is a purple woven purse with a gold handle and gold flowers.   On the bottom right is the most adorable owl lunch bag and thermos.  I may have to go back for the lunch bag - love it!  Each set comes with some other accessories too.

The next aisle had a whole new line of fashion dog dolls called Pinkie Cooper.  These are dolls with human bodies and dog heads.  Their ears can be removed for mix and match hairstyles.  There were three "Runway" basic dolls for $14.99 each including Pinkie Cooper, Ginger Jones, and Pepper Parson.  Pinkie Cooper is the main character (since Pinkie Cooper was the brand name on every box), but I'm really drawn to Pepper Parson's coloring!  I really didn't expect to like a doll that was half human and half dog, but I love their eyes.  Those big eyes remind me of Pullip dolls!   My daughter likes that their ears come off to mix and match much like the Cutie Pops doll's hair.   These are the basic Runway Dolls ($14.99 each)...

Pinkie Cooper
Ginger Jones
Pepper Parson
Target also had the Pinkie Cooper "Travel" Line.  There were 3 dolls in this line, and each doll comes with her pet dog.  All 3 versions of this line are Pinkie (no best friends Ginger or Pepper in the travel line).  There is "Pinkie in Beverly Hills", "Pinkie in Paris", and "Pinkie in London".  These sets are 19.99 each.

I found a really great, very detailed review of Pinkie Cooper at The Toy Box Philosopher.   Click on the link to check out her awesome review. 

I mentioned Cutie Pops dolls earlier, and I wanted to add that the Target here recently put all the Cutie Pops on clearance and sold them all out.  As of today, Target had no new Cutie Pops dolls.  They are completely gone from the shelves.  I wonder if Target will be carrying Cutie Pops anymore???

Something else new at Target were the Disney Princess and Me dolls.  These 18" dolls are $39.99 at Target.  I've only seen them in the past at Toys R Us.  Target had Ariel, Merida, and Cinderella in stock.  There was also a tag on the shelf for Belle and Rapunzel, but those were not in stock yet.

On the My Little Pony aisle, I got my first look at the Equestria Girls by Hasbro.  They were priced $12.99 for the basic dolls and $19.99 for the deluxe versions.  These are kind of like Pinkie Cooper, except they are part pony - part human.  I read a great in depth review about Equestria Girls at Confessions of a Doll Collector's Daughter.  Click on the link to read her awesome review.  I also read on Beastsbelle's blog that she is planning to review two of the Equestria Girls dolls this week, so be sure to read her review too at Never Grow Up.

Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash

There is an adorable new LaDeeDa doll called Pop Art Dee for 19.99.  She is dressed in a really cute pop art comic book fashion.  My girls have several LaDeeDa dolls, and I love their big eyes.  Pop Art Dee is really cute.

The Monster High section had been completely moved to the aisle directly across from the Barbie dolls.  A few of the 13 Wishes dolls were finally in stock at Target.  They had 13 Wishes Twyla, Howleen, and Lagoona.  Still no Gigi Grant though.  They also had 3 new MH plushie pets.  Frankie's dog - Watzit, Draculaura's bat - Count Fabulous, and Clawdeen's cat - Crescent were all 9.99 each.

There were two new Mini Lalaloopsy's from The Wizard of Oz.  "Dotty Gale Winds" as Dorothy and "Tinny Ticker" as Tinman.  These two adorable minis were $6.99 each.

Wizard of Oz Mini Lalaloopsy's

Finally, this big Lalaloopsy is not new, but I had to take a picture of her anyway.  We only have Mini Lalaloopsy's so far, but if I ever get a full size Lalaloopsy, it would probably be this one.  I love fairy tales, and this big Alice is adorable...

Alice... not new, but still cute

What's new at your Target?  Have you purchased or are you planning to purchase any new items?  What are your favorites?  I'm not much of an impulse shopper.  I usually have to think about it for a while before I buy.  My favorite new items that I'm thinking about are the OG owl lunch bag with thermos, the Pepper Parson doggie doll, and hmmm... maybe the mini Lalaloopsy Wizard of Oz dolls.  I'd love to hear your opinions!!!  Post a comment below and help me decide. 


  1. I like the new oG kitchen, the purple og set, the new La Dee Da and the Cinderella doll!

    1. I like the OG kitchen too Hannah! If we didn't already have the older wooden one, that red one would definitely be at the top of my list. I want all those cute accessories that come with it too! That purple woven purse was really pretty. I might have to get it AND the lunch bag set. :) I already have several similar backpacks, but the purse and lunch bag were really different.

  2. Wow, what a great day at Target!! :) I would be hyperventilating in the aisles. ;)

    I LOVE the new kitchen from OG...and how cool that the Disney Princess and Me dolls are going to be at Target now, too!

    Our Target has had nothing new for the past month or so. I'm looking forward to seeing what they get in stock in preparation for the Christmas season. :)

    P.S. Thanks for the link! :) I hope to have the Equestria Girls review up sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening. :)

    1. It was so much fun to see so many new dolls and accessories. My daughters and I were oohing and aahing over everything. My almost 19 year old son didn't think it was so much fun, but he did take a few of those pictures for us when the battery on my phone went dead. Thanks Zack! I hope your Target has restocked now to or at least is in the process of adding all this great new stuff and more.

      I was excited to see the Disney Princess and Me dolls at Target too, even though I've seen them before at Toys R Us. What's strange is, when I first saw them at TRU, I remember that I didn't like their eyes or something... but now I just don't see that anymore. They must have grown on me, because now I think they're really pretty.

      I wish they would have gotten in a Hearts For Hearts Lauryce doll. I would have bought her on the spot. I wouldn't have had to think about that one because I've been thinking about it and wanting her for such a long time. But alas, they just had the same H4H girls as always... no Mosi, no Shola, and no Lauryce.

      I'm looking forward to reading your review of the Equestria Girls. I love to read all of your reviews!!!

  3. I like the idea of the OG stable, it doesn't look very deep though. I love the red kitchen (hardly any pink). Our Targets (Australia) used to have OG stuff (I'm not sure It was called that then) - Battat comes to mind, but sadly 18" dolls just aren't sold out here of late (Toysrus have tried Journey girls, but the stock is now about two shelves high by 3 dolls wide. There was a blink and you miss it fling in April 2011 with BFC ink 18" dolls (the 5th to be precise)) so I will keep an eye on Ebay and Amazon.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Kaffrum! I agree with you about the OG stable. It is a big piece, but I think it may not be big enough for a full size horse. It has dividers to make three stalls. The stalls may be designed for Target's foal size horses. If so, then the stable would hold three foals. If the stall dividers are removable, then one full size horse might fit in the stable from side to side.

      I missed out on the BFC Ink dolls when they were available in stores. I got really interested in them earlier this year (long after they were retired), and I bought Kaitlyn and Gianna on ebay a few months ago.

  4. The OG kitchen is so cute. I really love it. And with a price of $61.99, I guess this is a pretty great deal. It is already a generous offer.

    1. I love the red kitchen too. I would definitely buy it if we didn't already have the white wooden OG kitchen. We didn't get all those accessories with our older set. If you break it down, it's even a better deal when you figure in how many pieces you get for the price!

  5. I had to get Tinny Ticker. She's a unique mini and nicely detailed. I miss the minis' house packaging. I liked the mini Alice & Hatter as well but held off on the larger Alice because they changed her outfit noticeably and not for the better. I may get the doll once I have a more accurate dress made for her.

    1. I went back and got Tinny and Dotty. I agree Tinny is very unique. I love the mini Alice and Hatter set too! I didn't know they had changed the larger Alice's dress. I've just started to collect Lalaloopsys recently though, so I'm still trying to learn about them. I've decided to only buy my favorite ones (unless I find a bargain). I did find a bargain a couple days ago - two minis for .75 each at a thrift store. One was Misty Mysterious and the other was Prairie Dusty Trails


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