Wednesday, August 14, 2013

More New Items in Stock

If you've been looking forward to seeing some brand new 2013 items on the shelves, check out your local Target.  I decided to go back to pick up two of the items that I had written about in my last post, What's New at Target, and while there, I found even more new items in stock than just a few days ago. 


Hearts 4 Hearts Girls

I was so excited to finally see the new Hearts 4 Hearts Girls in person, right there at Target.  Mosi and Shola have made it to stores finally!!!  They are both really cute and just $24.99 each.  Mosi is a Native American girl with long dark hair and  brown eyes.  I like her boots, but I don't care for the plastic feather in her hair.  The real feather shown on the H4H website is so much prettier, but I guess they thought it might break too easily.  Mosi's boots on the website are cuter than the actual boots too.  Shola represents a girl from Afghanistan, and she has really beautiful eyes.  I decided to hold out however for Lauryce.  She is the next H4H doll that I want to bring home.  Target didn't have her, but from what I've read online, she should be back in stores soon, and I can't wait to find her!



Our Generation

The OG Bicycle was in stock and looking very cute!!!  It's made of pink metal with a basket on the front.  It looks so realistic!!!  I think it would work well as a modern bicycle or an old fashioned style bike.  It's a good cross between the two styles.  This looks like a real child's bike, just scaled down to 18" doll size.  This is not a big version of your plastic Barbie bike.  There were two of them on the shelf at 49.99 each.

One of the items that I had decided to go back to buy was the OG Owl Lunch box accessory set.  Unfortunately, they were all gone.  Just a few days earlier, there were 4 Lunch boxes, 4 purse sets, and 4 backpack sets.  When I went back, there was only one backpack and one purse left.   These are hot sellers, almost all sold out in just 3 days.

10 out of 12 sets sold in 3 days


Monster High

More Monster High items were in stock including the Dance Class 5 pack.  

This 5 pack includes they very hard to find boy doll, Gill Weber and another new doll to the Dance Class line, Rochelle Goyle.  Here's a closeup...

13 Wishes dolls and sets in stock were:


Spectra's Party Lounge
Cleo's Desert Frights Oasis

Music Festival dolls in stock were:


The Mad Science Lab Partners 2 pack was in stock:

Lab Partners - Ghoulia and Cleo

From the Create-A-Monster Line, new items in stock were:

Color Me Creepy Design Chamber

Sea Monster

There was a new locker for 29.99.  There was also a sign about a new doll that will be available on Sept. 13.

A lot of MH dolls are on sale this week, and there's a special offer for a free girl's t-shirt when you buy 2 selected $13.99 or higher Monster High toys.  T-shirt offer and sale prices good through this Saturday, Aug. 17th.



On the Barbie aisle, Batman and Catwoman caught my eye.  The comic book style artwork on their boxes is  just adorable.  They were priced at $34.95 each.

Batman was especially cute, and the Ken doll underneath the Batman mask looks pretty cute and unique too.


I also found some great clearance bargains while I was checking out all the new stuff.  
I got this cute Belle Squinkies set for just $1.48.  These make great toys for 18" American Girls and for the American Girl Mini Dolls too.

I also got this Jasmine Squinkies set for just $0.76.

I got this precious little LaDeeDa outfit on clearance for $2.38.  It is an adorable picnic style dress.  Check out the little ants on the bottom of the skirt.  Too cute.

Coming Soon...

My next post will be a review with lots of pictures of a brand new item that I just got.  Can anyone guess what I got?  (Hint: it's from my previous What's New at Target post).


  1. I've been looking at Target clearance but never noticed any La Dee Da fashions. I'm gonna have to check back and maybe they aren't all sold out. I was able to get the Monster High 5 pack for 30 dollars. I bought the 60s Batman Ken online in July. I don't like him as much in person unfortunately. He just seems too stiff and awkward even when compared to my other classic Ken reproduction.

    1. I hope you found some of the LaDeeDa fashions on clearance. That's too bad about the Batman being so stiff and awkward. I really like a lot of posability, so I would probably be disappointed in him too. Awesome deal on the 5 pack, just $6 per doll is definitely a bargain!!!


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