Thursday, August 8, 2013

Blythe Mini Doll Collection Part 2

This Blythe Collection post was getting so long that it had to be broken into two parts.  Part 2 will include pictures and a mini description of each Blythe doll that I have so far.   Please see Blythe Mini Doll Collection Part 1 for more information on Blythe and how I started collecting her.  Each Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop set is given a set name and a number.  Each set comes with one doll plus pets and accessories.  

Currently, I have a baker's dozen, and here they are... 

Autumn Glam #B6 

Autumn Glam is my favorite Blythe right now.  She has bright green eyes and bright red auburn hair with bangs and two adorable braids.  She is wearing a wrap style dress that is brown at the top and red with yellow sunflowers at the bottom. There is a red and tan flower sewed at center of her waist.  The dress closes in the back with Velcro.  She has a brown fleece hat with an orange ball on top.  Her brown boots have a soft, furry orange cuff.  The cardboard insert of her box was so cute that I use it as a backdrop of my Blythe display.  There is a 3-D tree with a little swing.

Field of Daisies #B5


Field of Daisies Blythe is another favorite with her aqua green eyes, long blond hair with soft curls and bangs, and the most adorable little crocheted aqua hat with yellow trim and a flower made of yarn.  She is wearing an orange print dress with aqua trim.  She has painted on white ankle socks.  Her little shoes are coral colored Mary Jane's with a yellow flower painted on the side.  They can be removed, but stay on her feet very well.

Desert Fun #B17

Desert Fun Blythe has blue eyes and light auburn curly hair with no bangs.  She is wearing a light pink top with dark pink lace trim and a denim print skirt with dark pink lace trim.  She has light pink and brown cowboy boots, a brown soft purse with fringe trim, and a pink hat.  The circles printed on her hat coordinate with the circles on her skirt.

Fabulously Vintage #B3


Fabulously Vintage Blythe has blue eyes and long blond curly hair with bangs.  She is wearing a pink and black dress with white lace and ribbon and pink net trims.  She has a pink jacket with a white furry collar and black Mary Jane shoes.  She is also wearing a black hat with pink polka dots and net trim.

Prettiest in Pearls #B14

Prettiest in Pearls has brown eyes and brown hair in beautiful ringlets and bangs.  She is wearing a light pink top and dark pink ruffle layered skirt with black trim and there is a tiny iridescent flower at her waist.  She has a black pearl necklace, a pink headband with a flower, and a pink and black purse.  She is wearing tiny black slip on ballerina slipper style shoes and she has ballerina ties painted around her ankles.  You have to be careful not to lose this type of shoe as they slip off very easily.

Hiking Trip #B18

Hiking Trip Blythe has hazel eyes and blond hair styled in bangs and two pigtails with pink bows.  She is wearing a t-shirt printed with clouds, flowers, and grass and pink Capri pants.  She has blue shoes and pink sunglasses.  The little metal swing is from Hobby Lobby.  I found it in the garden department.  It was called a garden fairy swing.  It was too small for most of my dolls, but works perfectly for Blythe.

Swim and Sun #B16

Swim and Sun Blythe has aqua eyes and brown hair with bangs.  She is wearing an aqua printed swim suit with a purple and pink ruffle at her waist.  She has a separate wrap around net cover up skirt.  She also has a cute floppy sun hat and purple and orange beach shoes.

Cold Weather Cute #B1

Cold Weather Cute Blythe has blue eyes and light auburn hair with no bangs.  She is wearing a soft red coat with tiny white buttons, a red and white snow hat, and a white scarf with pompoms.  She has painted on white tights with red polka dots.  She is also wearing tiny white ice skates with silver blades.

Sightseeing Cute #B13

Part of the box that I use for display.
3-D Phone booth

Sightseeing Cute Blythe has light blue eyes and blond hair with strawberry blond highlights and bangs that are longer on the sides to frame her face.  Her hair is styled in two short pigtails with red bows.  She is wearing a London flag style shirt and an aqua and red plaid pleated skirt.  She has black painted on leggings with a lace design just below the knee.  She has an adorable pair of Converse style aqua, red and white shoes.  She is also wearing a black faux leather jacket and a silver belt.  She has aqua colored headphones with an attached ipod and she carries a red purse with a white bow and silver handle.  I really enjoyed the insert portion of her box with it's 3-D red phone booth.  It makes such a cute backdrop for the doll display.

Buckles and Bows #B2

Buckles and Bows Blythe has hazel eyes and a cute blond bob hairstyle with a black headband with red flower.  She is wearing a black and white plaid dress with black belt and white flower buckle.  She has painted on white knee high socks and black slip on shoes.

Get Pretty Boutique #B33

Get Pretty Boutique Blythe has green eyes and strawberry blond hair styled in a side part. She comes wearing a ruffled drop waist black and white printed top with lime green accents, white Capri pants, and a black faux leather jacket. She has black and white slip-on shoes and a black ribbon bow in her hair. She comes with lots of extra clothing pieces all in black, white and lime green including a circle print dress, paw print pants and top, a ruffle top, leggings, sneakers, and a silver belt. I ordered this set from Amazon.  It will be great to have some extra clothes just in case I find a naked Blythe at a thrift store or garage sale.

Flowers 'n Fashion Black and White Collection #B32

Painted on tights and gloves

Flowers 'n Fashion Black and White Collection is a Target exclusive set.  Since Target only has the new plastic style Blythe dolls now, they must have sent their leftover older style Blythe sets to other stores, which is why there are so many Blythe sets  to be found in stores like Ross, Tuesday Morning, Big Lots etc.  I found this set at Ross for $7.99 just a couple weeks ago.  This Blythe has blue eyes and black curly hair in a fancy side part with no bangs.  She is wearing a black and white dress with a red belt.  She has white elbow length painted on gloves and red painted on tights.  She also has a black painted on necklace.  She comes with a red and white purse with a black rose, a red watering can, and a black vase with a red flower. There is a handle on the back of the vase and her purse so she can actually hold them.  She is wearing white boots that are molded to look like they lace up. 

Stylin' Safari #B35

Bamboo-look rope bridge inside the box

Stylin' Safari Blythe was a Toys R Us exclusive set.  Toys R Us must have also sent the older style Blythe sets to other stores.  I found this set at Ross for $11.99.   This big TRU exclusive set came with one Blythe doll plus a lot of accessories including a canoe, a tree, three pets, a suitcase, a tiny video camera, and several other small pieces.  This set also came with an aqua colored stand, whereas all my other sets came with clear stands.  She actually looks really cute displayed in the canoe or the tree though.  Blythe has aqua eyes and brown straight hair styled in two pigtails.  She is wearing a safari style khaki shirt with purple ribbon belt and an aqua leopard print tiered skirt.  She has a khaki colored safari hat and purple boots.  Her box was set up so cute with a bamboo look rope bridge at the top holding some of her accessories.

Well, that's the baker's dozen that I've collected so far.  I would highly recommend the Blythe dolls from the 2010-2012 Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop sets.  Be on the lookout for them at closeout stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Tuesday Morning, Big Lots, etc. while they still have them at bargain prices.  Sadly, we probably won't see this style of Blythe at regular stores like Target or Wal-Mart anymore.   

Questions, comments, suggestions, and discussions are welcome.  Which is your favorite Blythe?  Please leave a comment below.


  1. I never really paid attention to Blythe LPS sets, but these are kind of interesting. I like the outfit and accessories for the sightseeing doll the most.

    1. I know what you mean. I passed by them so many times. I remember seeing them and thinking that the mini Blythe's were so cute, but I didn't start collecting them until they started showing up in Tuesday Morning and Ross. Seems like I always figure out that I want something when they have been discontinued. It has happened that way too many times, Liv dolls, Moxie Teenz, Faithful Friends, and more.

  2. I love Blythe Loves LPS dolls, but, sadly, I cant find them anywhere... I'll keep a look out at Ross. Love your collection, and #B6 is really cute!

    1. I hope you can find some of the mini Blythe dolls, BadKittyProductions! I haven't seen any lately. We'll have to keep an eye out for them at the close out stores like TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning. I wish LPS was still making the original style Blythe mini dolls.


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