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Pinkie Cooper's BFF Pepper Parson Doll Review

Meet Pepper Parson...

I first saw Pinkie Cooper and her two best friends Pepper Parson and Ginger Jones in person at Target a few days ago, and instantly there was just something about them that I liked.  I am drawn to dolls with big eyes, and these dolls have some really huge, adorable eyes.  As a matter of fact, they have inset eyes with rooted eyelashes.  They remind me of Pullip and Blythe dolls.

Pinkie Cooper dolls are a brand new release for 2013 from The Bridge Direct, Inc.   According to a CNN Money article, Pinkie Cooper And The Jet Set Pets is a line of 9 inch fashion dolls that are part human and part English Cocker Spaniel.  Inventor Carter Bryant and his sister Anjanette Abell have been working since 2009 to create a doll that was sweet, cute, stylish and looked like Abell's real cocker spaniel named Pinkie Cooper.  In my opinion, Pinkie and her friends actually look more like Cavalier King Charles Spaniels or English Toy Spaniels, rather than the English Cocker Spaniel as CNN states.  According to the article, Carter Bryant also invented the Bratz dolls.  I'm glad that he has been trying to invent a doll that was sweet and cute this time.  Seems like they were going for the opposite of the Bratz image.  If opposite of Bratz was what they were going for, then they have succeeded.  I think that Pepper and her friends do look sweet, cute, stylish, and I might even add innocent.

Target has Pinkie, Ginger, and Pepper in stock for $14.99 each.  Each has a different puppy marking color, eye color, and dress color.  Each one is wearing an adorable dress and matching headband.  All 3 are really cute.


Of the three, Pepper was my favorite though, so it was little Pepper who came home with me.  I just love those big green eyes and her tri-color puppy dog markings.

Pepper is a tiny little 9" tall doll, and she comes in the cutest little pink and brown striped box.  The back of the box has cartoon drawings of all three BFF's.

Front of box
Back of box

The left side of the box has the Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets logo and the right side has a drawing of Pepper.


The top of the box has the logo and continues the stripe pattern from the front of the box, and the bottom has the manufacturing information. 

Pepper is attached to an inner cardboard backing, and is pretty easy to remove by snipping a few threads and clear rubber bands.  Also inside the box is an instruction sheet to show how to attach her hair, which plugs into each side of her head to look like long puppy dog ears. 

Once she was free from her box, she was even more adorable.  My favorite part is her big green inset eyes and her rooted eyelashes.  She is so tiny and she has a soft, flexible feel to her vinyl.

Yay!!!  I'm free!!!

Her hair is soft and each little wig has two colors divided down the center with light on one side and dark on the other side.  When braided, the alternating light brown and dark brown colors give the braid a really neat effect.

Here you can see the hole on the side of her head where you plug in the wig to make her ears.  You can also see the white plug on each wig.  There are little ridges on the plug which holds it in place securely.  The headband has a built in hole that fits over one of the plugs to hold it in place. 

Here is what the hair looks like when divided down the center.  You can see the flat part of the white plug in the center of the wig from the outside here.  The plugs work really well and hold the hair securely in her head.  The plug  is only visible because I parted the hair to show that the wig is completely rooted light brown on one side and dark brown on the other. 

The really neat thing about her ears is you can switch sides for a totally different look.  Just by switching which side of her head you plug it into, you can have either the dark color in the front or the light color in the front.  Check out how different this simple swap makes her look.

Dark hair in front
Light hair in front

Braid - dark hair in front
Braid - light hair in front

Here she is without her ears or headband.  Still cute, even bald...

She has a little round head.  Here is a profile shot from each side where you can see her face shape and those lovely, long lashes.

Here is how she looks without her headband, both from the front and the back.

In this close-up, you can see very well the pretty green coloring of her eyes.  There is a line of blue eyeshadow on her lids above her long rooted eyelashes.  The extra squares you see in her large shiny pupil is just the reflection of my windows in her eyes.  There is a white splash of puppy dog coloring on her face.  She has a tiny brown heart in between her eyes along with a few freckles. She has a tiny black nose and a sweet, smiling mouth. 

Here are some pictures to show her body type and articulation.  She has hinged joints at her shoulders, elbows, and hips.  Her knees can click once to bend only a tiny amount.  She has a blush of pink color at her elbows and knees, and she has printed on underwear. 

She is quite the gymnast.  She can do full front to back and side to side splits.

She has high heeled type feet that are smooth, without any toes.  Her arched feet are pretty small, and she can't stand on her own. She has a cluster of four small spots on her left leg, possibly a paw print design.

Her hands are in the shape of cute little paws with a thumb and three puppy fingers with black claws, and a tiny heart in the center of her palm, or I guess that would be the pad on the bottom of her paw.  The second picture shows her shoulder joint.

Pepper's one piece dress has a light blue bodice with matching straps that go over her shoulders.  The skirt portion is lime green with a darker green leopard print, and a light blue tulle overskirt with tiny sparkles.  There is a big green flower and a silver and rhinestone belt stitched to the waistline of the dress.  The dress is very soft, and it fits her well.  It closes in the back with velcro.  She is wearing a silver bracelet on her right arm.  Her headband is made of the same light blue fabric as the bodice of her dress and is trimmed with green tulle and a silver and rhinestone accent like her belt.

Pepper's shoes are awesome!  They are light blue high top, high heels with a bow at the back of the ankle.  They are made of a soft vinyl, which makes them easy to take off and put on.  I love that they don't just fall off her feet though.  The front of the shoe comes up to her ankle, which helps them stay on her feet very securely.   

She has a cream colored plastic purse that does not open.  The Pinkie Cooper profile is on the purse.  She also comes with a plastic bristle brush that has the same profile on the back.  I don't have anything against small brushes, but the plastic bristles are not good for doll hair, so I prefer to use my wire brush to keep the hair nice. 

I picked up a LaDeeDa fashion pack on clearance, and I thought it would be fun to see if it would fit Pepper.  Looking at the dresses side by side, the LaDeeDa dress actually looks bigger than Pepper's dress.

At first, it looks like it might fit her...

...until you get to the back.  There is no way Pepper can get away with wearing Dee's dress.  There is a gaping hole at the velcro closure in the back where it's just too small.  Even though it looks bigger than Pepper's dress, the bodice is actually smaller.  The velcro will just barely meet at the top, but below that is wide open, leaving her printed-on underwear exposed.  

Pepper is a smaller doll than LaDeeDa, but Pepper's torso is a little bigger around and her feet are definitely bigger.  It was almost comical watching Pepper try to squeeze her paw into a LaDeeDa high heel shoe.

Here is a side by side comparison of Pepper and Dee, so you can see exactly how much smaller Pepper is (that is, except for her torso and feet).  Dee has big eyes too, but her painted eyes don't compare to Pepper's inset eyes and rooted lashes.  I thought LaDeeDa dolls seemed way more innocent than say Bratz, but Dee still appears more made-up than Pepper, with her Statue of Liberty eye design.  Pepper has a more sweet, innocent, and somehow a more natural look.

I am very happy with the purchase of Pepper, and I would highly recommend her.  She is sweet and adorable.  The doll and clothes are well made.  Her hair and shoes both stay on very well.   Her happy, sweet little face is simply adorable. 

What do you think of Pepper and the other dolls in the Pinkie Cooper line?  Please post a comment below with your thoughts.


  1. Hi OnceUponADollCollection. Great review. I must confess I'm not really sold on these dolls yet, but out of all of them, I think Pepper is the cutest. :)

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I tagged you to participate in the "Elegant Blogger Award" if you're interested. :) You can see all the details here:

    Have a great week! :)

    1. Hi Beastsbelle. Thank you so much for the Elegant Blogger Award! I am so honored that you thought of me!

  2. Great review and very thorough. I bought Pepper and the Pinkie's Night Out fashion and I love her. I also tried a strapless Cutie Pops dress on Pepper. It's a little big but still a decent fit.

    1. I haven't seen any of the Pinkie Cooper fashion packs locally yet. Target only has the Pinkie, Pepper and Ginger dolls, the three individual dogs, and the three deluxe travel Pinkies. Wal-Mart here doesn't even have any Pinkie items on the shelves yet.

      Thanks for the tip on the Cutie Pops dress! I bought my first Cutie Pops doll several weeks ago when Target had them on clearance, but I haven't opened her yet. Cutie Pops are all gone from both Target and Wal-Mart here now. They haven't even restocked with new ones. I wonder if they will be carrying them anymore. How did you like Pinkie's fashion pack? I'm glad that you loved your Pepper too.


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