Thursday, July 11, 2013

Out of Town Doll & Bargain Hunting

We are blessed to be able to go away this week with my husband who is on a business trip.  While he has been at his conference, we have had fun doll and bargain hunting in new places.  So far, we have found 3 new dolls for our collection.  Here are our new additions.

At the mall, we found the Ever After High Dolls at Justice.  They just got in Apple White and Briar Beauty.  Both dolls are so pretty, it was really hard to choose. We decided to get Apple White first.  I really wanted Madeline Hatter too, but the store hasn't gotten her yet.  The dolls were marked $36, but since everything in the store is 40% off right now, she was $21.60.   I'll do a complete review of these dolls soon, but for now check out what a lovely, round face Apple has. 

At Toys R Us, we saw some of the new 2013 Monster High items.  There were some of the 13 Wishes dolls, the Music Festival dolls, and we also saw Lagoona's shower and Spectra's new bed.  My daughter wanted the little Howleen doll from 13 Wishes.   She's such a cutie with one folded ear and bright pink hair.

Just down the aisle, something else caught my eye.  I saw an Alice in Wonderland doll, and since I am drawn to storybook character dolls and accessories, I had to get a closer look.

She was a Moxie Girlz Alice in Wonderland.  Now, I have never collected any of the Moxie Girlz dolls before, but I do have 2 of the Moxie Teenz dolls (love the Moxie Teenz articulation and glass like eyes).   This little Moxie Girlz Alice outfit with black and white striped tights was really cute, and she was only $10.99, so I decided to bring her home too. 

We decided to eat lunch at Olive Garden.  Yum!!!  My youngest daughter waits with Ruthie for lunch to be served. 

I also got a Dr. Who button at Hot Topic in the mall.  It has a picture of the 10th Doctor, David Tennant, and it says "Trust me, I'm the Doctor". The lovely Ruthie models it for me.  

We found this cute little chair at a thrift store.  It was only $1.55.

The chair is the perfect size for Apple White.  Doesn't she look adorable sitting in it?

At Wal-Mart, we found an 18" My Life Baseball uniform.  I had never seen this outfit before, but thought it looked so boyish, perfect for an 18" boy doll.  We don't have an 18" boy doll yet, but someday I want to customize a bargain find doll into a boy.  Not knowing when or if I'd find this outfit again, I decided to pick it up to save it until I find a doll to customize.  It has a red and white baseball shirt, baseball cap, shoes with cleats, white socks, and red baseball uniform pants.  It even comes with a doll sized baseball bat. 

We will be leaving here on Friday, then we're heading back home to pack again.  My husband, son, and I are leaving Saturday morning with our church youth group, on our way to Fuge camp in Greenville, South Carolina.   It will be a busy couple of weeks!


  1. Great finds!! :) I love finding doll goodies on out of town's like going on a scavenger hunt whenever you take a vacation. ;)

    Our Justice only had Madeline Hatter and Raven Queen, so I haven't seen Apple in person yet. She's adorable! :)

    I love your 10th Doctor pin,'s just like my Alice's. ;)

    Have a great time on during your summer travels. :)

    1. Thanks beastsbelle! We are on a bus with 46 youth and 14 chaperones heading from Louisiana to Atlanta right now. :) We are going to North Point Ministries' Buckhead Church tomorrow morning, then to Six Flags after church. We will leave there Monday morning and head to Fuge Camp in Greenville, South Carolina. I probably won't find any doll goodies this trip though.

      Your Justice had the opposite dolls of the one that I went to. What did you think of Madeline Hatter in person? Since they have them priced so high, I will be waiting until they offer another 40% off coupon before I buy any more.

  2. I am having such a hard time convincing myself to NOT go out and get some of these from our local Justice - especially with them being on sale now!! I feel like for sure they will be on my kid's wish list for Christmas. I am focusing all of my attention on custom boy dolls currently though.

    1. They are really cute, but I'm taking it slow too. What kind of boy dolls are you customizing?


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