Wednesday, July 3, 2013

AG Mini Felicity arrived from eBay

A package arrived containing a doll that I had purchased from eBay last week.  A new addition to our mini doll collection.


Meet Mini Felicity in her Rose Garden dress.  I love the older Felicity in her retired Rose Garden Dress, so I decided to get the mini doll in that outfit.

She is adorable in the Rose Garden dress.  It's a creamy yellow, white and brown stripe with a rose pattern.  There are big poufy white sleeves and a white collar.  She has on a tiny white slip or shift under her dress and knee high cream colored socks.

She has tiny faux leather shoes with an adorable buckle on top.  The shoes slip on and off easily, so you have to be very careful not to lose them.

Her face is lovely with her painted green eyes and open mouth smile.  She has tiny pin curls in the front of her red hair and a ponytail in the back tied with a cream colored ribbon.

She comes with the mini hardcover Meet Felicity book with a tiny dust jacket.

Here she is wandering through the garden.

Back inside, she's getting settled in to her new home and playing with her tiny dollhouse.

I found the tiny dollhouse on American Girl Doll Printouts.  If you would like to make one for your dolls, just click on the link, print out the house on cardstock, cut it out and glue the tabs.  It's really simple to make and it's such a cute accessory for your dolls.

I would highly recommend mini Felicity.  The only minor negative I can think of is that her shoes fall off easily.  She is a lovely little doll though and would be the perfect size as a doll for your 18" American Girls, or she would look great displayed by herself or with the other mini dolls.  We recently got a dollhouse kit, and the mini dolls will be perfect to live in the dollhouse once it's built. 

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