Friday, July 26, 2013

American Girl Mini Saige Review

We are back home from camp!  Sorry for the delay in posts, but we were in South Carolina at Fuge camp with our church youth group.  We had an awesome time at camp, but we're glad to be back at home.  A package arrived from Amazon while I was away.   Inside was the long awaited Mini Saige!  I had initially ordered her from Barnes & Noble, which was the only store offering her for pre-order at first.  Then B&N cancelled all their pre-orders.  Not long after the cancellation, Amazon offered her for pre-order.  I then ordered her from Amazon, and they actually shipped her a lot sooner than their expected delivery date.  She arrived in a bubble mailer envelope.

The envelope looked a little rough, but her box inside was in perfect condition.

The back of the box has some details about Saige.  Saige is the first Girl of the Year to ever have a mini doll version.

Here's mini Saige still in her box.  She comes with a mini softcover version of her book.

Right out of the box, this mini Girl of the Year is completely adorable!

Up close, you can see the precious freckles sprinkled across her face.  She has lovely turquoise painted eyes.  Her auburn hair is parted in the center and twisted into a braid.


Saige's auburn braid.

Saige is wearing a royal blue dress with a colorfully embroidered belt. 

 The back of her dress closes with velcro.  Check out those tiny neckstrings.  So cute.

She is wearing tiny turquoise underwear to contrast with her royal blue dress.

My favorite part of Saige's ensemble is her adorable pair of boots.  They look so realistic.  They are a light brown faux leather with wrap around straps and a tiny metal buckle.  These boots are awesome!

The stitching and the strap and buckle details of these boots are very nicely done.  The boots close in the back with velcro to make them easy to take off and put back on.  They stay on very well though, so you don't have to worry about these boots falling off constantly like some of the other mini doll shoes. 

The bottom of the boots have hard soles and a little heel, so Saige can stand easily on her own.  She stands perfectly steady without falling wherever I put her.

Here's Saige with the mini Breyer horse, Picasso, that came in the Wal-Mart Exclusive Saige Blu-ray/DVD combo set.  This would have to be a toy horse for either mini Saige or 18" Saige, since it's just about the scale of a dog next to mini Saige. 

Here are a few more pictures of the lovely mini Saige from our photo shoot.  I am super thrilled with everything about mini Saige, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a worthwhile addition to every doll collection.

Bye for now!


  1. Oh dear. I was not going to buy Mini Saige. I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT WANT TO. After your review though? *ARGH* I think I am going to do it - at least I am buying it as a gift for someone else though, right? *facepalm* I blame you AND your awesome review.

    1. Oops! Sorry for tempting you, but she's just so cute! Speaking of tempting... you have done it to me too. I am in love with your custom boy dolls!!! Especially Colton!!! I WANT HIM!!! He reminds me so much of Duck Dynasty, one of my favorite TV shows! Those camo clothes and his little gun... He could be one of the little Robertson grandsons! Actually one of their grandsons is named Cole. Hmmm...
      Anyway, back to the boys... My favorite hairstyle is Joel's. He's a cutie too, and I love how you did his hair!

    2. Well that's some payback and I didn't even know I was doing it! Haha!

      Oh I love Duck Dynasty too. My husband and I were THISCLOSE to buying a doormat from Wal-mart the other day with them all lined up together. I actually still might go back and get it now that YOU brought it up!! *haha* I actually didn't think about how Colton is totally like a little Robertson boy but now that you say it that only adds to his charm. I predicted he would be one of the first boys to go so I am surprised he is still available. I'm sure he will go soon enough once Fall and hunting season hits though.

      Joel's hairstyle was a rewig and I think I might have trimmed it but that's it. It is a Monique Johnny I think. I use only Johnny or Bebe for any of my rewigs but I think I prefer the Johnny because it's not quite so Justin Bieber-ish.

    3. I love Colton and would definitely adopt him if my budget would allow!!!
      By the way, do you use a 10-11 Johnny wig, or would a 12-13 work for a boy? I have a 12-13 Johnny wig, but I don't have a doll to customize yet. Do you use the same size for an Our Generation as an American Girl? I have rewigged before, but it was a long time ago and I used a wig from Ruby Red Galleria. I've been planning to customize a boy for quite a while. I even already bought a baseball outfit too, which I'm saving in a box for now. No way mine will turn out as cute as Colton though!!! Awesome repainting you did on his face and great haircut. I just don't think I could cut the existing hair into a boyish hairstyle. And those cute clothes and boots... I just simply LOVE him!!!!

  2. Great review! Congratulations on getting Saige!!

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