Thursday, March 19, 2015

Must See Dollhouse Videos

If you enjoy dollhouses and miniatures like I do, you'll definitely want to watch these dollhouse videos from BBC, called The Private Life of a Dolls' House.  The videos feature Lauren Child, award-winning author, illustrator, and creator of the famous children's storybook characters, Charlie and Lola.

Lauren discusses her lifelong passion for dolls' houses, as well as the history of dolls' houses. She has been working on her own dollhouse for the past 30 years and doing so continues to inspire her.

The Private Life of a Dolls' House - Part 1

The Private Life of a Dolls' House - Part 2

One of the wonderful antique dollhouses she discusses is the Tate Baby House. It dates back to 1760, and is currently in the Museum of Childhood in England.

Here is a close-up video tour of the Tate Baby House.


 - Lisa


  1. Interesting videos! Thanks for sharing them!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the videos! I love the style of the Tate Baby House, especially the way it opens and closes. I'd love to build a dollhouse that closes in the front like that instead of the usual open back style that's common here in the US.


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