Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Meet Patsy, A New Tonner Effanbee Doll

Hi Doll Friends!

I'm back today to introduce you to another new doll in my collection. I'd like for you to meet Patsy, a new 10" doll currently available from Tonner.

The new 10" Patsy
Sculpted by Robert Tonner

The new Tonner Patsy is Robert Tonner's re-imagined version of the original Patsy doll.

The Original Patsy

The original Patsy was a 14" tall doll that was produced from 1928 to 1946 by Effanbee Doll Company, also known as F&B. She was made of composition and had molded, painted hair and side glancing eyes. Effanbee also produced a whole line of Patsy family dolls in sizes ranging from 6" to 30" tall.

An Original Patsy

This is an ad from old 1928 Wards mail order catalog.

Robert Tonner purchased the Effanbee Doll Company in 2002.  In 2012, Tonner released his newly sculpted version of Patsy in vinyl using the Ann Estelle body. As you can see, she looks quite different than the original Patsy.  The new Tonner Patsy has big, inset eyes and applied lashes.

Since Patsy has the same size body as Ann Estelle, I thought she would make a good friend for my new Ann Estelle, whom I introduced to you recently (click here to go to my Meet Ann Estelle, A Tonner Mary Engelbreit Doll post). Patsy and Ann Estelle can even share clothes.

Here she is, the new Tonner Patsy, as she arrived in her pink box with Effanbee printed on the lid.

I love how easy Tonner dolls are to remove from their box, just untie a couple ribbons and they're free.

Tonner makes several versions of Patsy with different hair and eye colors, and dressed in a variety of outfits. My doll is called Patsy Play Date, and she has big brown eyes and a brown bob style wig with bangs. She comes wearing a blue denim dress, a yellow and orange stripe shirt and matching tights, an orange hooded coat, and a brown faux leather belt and shoes.

Here's Patsy with her new friend Ann Estelle.

When Tonner released the first reissued Patsy dolls, they used the Ann Estelle body. My Play Date model uses a "New Patsy" body, which is exactly the same as Ann Estelle's body but with newly added joints in her elbows and wrists. Notice how nicely Patsy can hold her baby doll thanks to her wrist and elbow joints.

Patsy is showing off her posability.

Here is a close up of Patsy and Ann Estelle without her glasses, so that you can see the differences in their eyes. Both have inset eyes, but Patsy's eyes are much larger. Ann Estelle has painted lashes while Patsy has applied lashes.

I was happy to find my Patsy Play Date doll on Clearance at Cherished Friends, an authorized Tonner distributor. At the same time, I ordered Patsy's Table and Chairs Set, which was also on Clearance for $29.99 ($100 off retail). I thought this set would be perfect for Patsy and Ann Estelle's house. This little wooden dining set is painted a fresh white, but I'm thinking about repaint it, Mary Engelbreit style. What do you think?

The girls are ready for their tea party.

With so many Mary Engelbreit teapots to choose from.

I think these girls are going to be fast friends!

What are your thoughts on Patsy? Do you think she will fit right into Ann Estelle's little Mary Engelbreit style home?  Please leave your thoughts and questions in the Comments below.  I love to hear from you!

 - Lisa


  1. Patsy is adorable! She and Ann Estelle are going to be great friends. I'm looking forward to seeing how you paint her table and chairs.

    1. Thanks Fawn! I have some colorful Mary Engelbreit ideas in mind for the table set. I just hope I can paint it as I envision. :)

  2. She is very cute and I love the orange outfit but was wondering if one of her eyes is slightly bigger than the other.
    Enjoying looking through your blog, Tina

    1. Hi Tina, Thanks for leaving a comment!. Patsy's eyes are the same size, but I can see what you noticed in the pictures. My camera tends to make whatever is closer to it look bigger. I think the way her head was slightly tilted or turned in the picture made one eye just a little closer, making it appear slightly bigger than the other. Both eyes look exactly the same size in person though. Thanks for the question and I'm glad you're enjoying my blog.

  3. I think Patsy's big eyes are adorable, but between those and her non-expressive mouth, she looks waifish, maybe even a little sad, and that doesn't appeal to me. Obviously, lots of people like her, though.

    1. Hi Barb! Patsy does have a more pensive expression than Ann Estelle. I love how happy and smiling Ann Estelle is. Patsy is more solemn and thoughtful. Ann Estelle needed a playmate though, and Patsy is easier to acquire than Ann's friends, since she is currently available from Tonner. I really wish Tonner could bring back the Ann Estelle line though. Oh well, maybe someday...


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