Friday, January 10, 2014

Tuesday Morning Finds Part 2 - Little Pullips

Part 2 of my daughter's awesome Tuesday Morning finds were the most adorable Little Pullip dolls.  These are not the full size Pullip that Tuesday Morning sometimes has.  They are MINI versions.  I have never seen any Little Pullips at Tuesday Morning before.  I was so excited because TM had them for just $9.99 each.  I checked Amazon, and there are a couple Little Pullips available for $19.99, but most of them are around $29.99.  So $9.99 is an amazing deal!  There were three different versions available at the Tuesday Morning she went to, so she brought home one of each. 

Little Pullip Hime yuri 

Hime yuri is adorable.  She has long silky black hair, blue eyes, and bold red lips.  She comes wearing an adorable little kimono.

She has lovely inset eyes and rooted eyelashes.  Little Pullips do not have the moving eye mechanisms like their full size counterparts though.

Her hair is pulled up on top and she is wearing a green pearl hairpin and a pink ribbon rosette with pearl bead details.

Her beautiful kimono is red with pink, gold and green flowers and leaves.   She has a gold belt with a bow in the back.

She has painted on black shoes with red straps.

Little Pullips come with matching star shaped stands.  The stands have a little screw on the part that holds their waist that can be adjusted to the desired height, then tightened to secure it in place.



 Little Pullip Dormouse

Dormouse is another adorable Little Pullip wearing a very unique costume.  She is dressed up in a fuzzy gray mouse suit with a pink felt tummy and an orange bow tie.  She wears grey and black striped overalls on top of her mouse suit.  She also has a black top hat with grey/black stripe ribbon trim to match her overalls, and an attached cute stuffed mouse face plushie.

She also has a tiny grey tail with a black bow at the end.  She comes with a purple stand to match the purple buttons on her overalls.

I couldn't tell this until I took her out of the box, but her hair is not black.  It is actually dark forest green.   It is really cute and different.

She has the most precious purple eyes and such a sweet face.

Little Dal Princess Tulip

Princess Tulip is actually a Little Dal.  In the Pullip family, Dal is Pullip's boyfriend, Tae Yang's little sister.  I always think Dal has a little more of a solemn face, where as Pullip is more smiley.  Princess Tulip is too cute in her pink tulip petal dress.  She also has a matching pink tulip bud with pearl details that ties on her head with a ribbon.  She has brown eyes with soft yellow eyeshadow and light pink lips.  

 Her dress is adorable with it's long pink petals and lace underskirt.  It has pink and green trim at the bodice and waist.  Princess Tulip is actually dressed as a flower.

Here you can see the lovely yellow and white lace underskirt underneath the petals of her dress.

She has yellow painted on shoes.

She also comes with a pink stand to match her dress.

Her hair is a pretty soft turquoise color and is braided and tied into two loop ponytails. I love how her hair is parted in the back.


Just to show how a "Little Pullip" compares to a full size Pullip,  here is Dormouse with my full size Peter Pan Pullip.  Full size Pullips are around 12 1/2" tall, and Little Pullips are about 4 1/2" tall, not including their hats.  I just love things in miniature, especially when I can compare it to a full size version.


The Little Pullips are pretty close in size to the Ai Ball Jointed Dolls from my previous post.  Both are made by the same company.  Here is Dormouse with Ai BJD Leucocoryne.

Even though they are about the same height, their body proportions are different.  Here is a picture to compare Ai BJD Thyme's body to Little Pullip Hime yuri's body.  The BJD's body is proportioned like a child.  BJD's also have a lot more joints which makes them more posable.

Little Pullip's are proportioned like Petite Blythe or Littlest Pet Shop Blythe.  Here is Hime yuri with one of my LPS Blythe dolls.  Little Pullips are jointed at the neck, shoulders, waist, and hips.  LPS Blythe does not have the waist joint like the Little Pullips, but otherwise their bodies are very similar.  The similarities end with their bodies though.  Their heads are very different.

Closeup, you can see a lot of differences between Little Pullips and LPS Blythe.  The plastic that is used is very different, a difference that you can both see and feel.  If you tap on the face with your nail, you can even hear the difference between the two.  The Little Pullip makes more of a glass-like sound, whereas the LPS Blythe sounds like rubber.  The painting also is very different.  The Little Pullip has delicately painted eyebrows and lower lashes that LPS Blythe is missing.  Both have rooted lashes, but the Little Pullip's lashes and inset eyes appear more realistic.  Little Pullip's hair appears to be a wig, but LPS Blythe has rooted hair.  

I find the LPS Blythe stands to be very fiddly.  It's difficult to get the dolls balanced on the stands straight.  The Little Pullip stands are much better.  With the ability to adjust them, then tighten the screw, these stands are not fiddly at all.  

Here is the LPS Blythe with all three of my new Little Pullips for comparison.

I would highly recommend the Little Pullip dolls.  They are very well made, and make an adorable addition to any doll collection.   They are a super bargain at just $9.99 each.  If you find them at Tuesday Morning, grab them... I definitely would. :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on Little Pullips.  How do you think they compare to other mini dolls?  

Until next time...

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Wow, I've been a little tempted by the mini Blythe dolls in the past, but always back out because of how the lack of detail in their eyes makes them a little stare-ish. But the wee Pulip's detail is amazing! Hime Yuri is so precious.

    What a find, thanks for sharing! =)

    1. Thanks Ruby! The Little Pullips definitely have a more realistic look. These are an amazing bargain. I hope you can find them too!

  2. I have one little pullip, the donkey one. Love them <3


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