Friday, January 17, 2014

Meet Twinkle, my Fairyland RealPuki Soso BJD

I would like to introduce you to a new little helper fairy that's been my constant companion lately.  She is a Fairyland RealPuki Soso, who I have named Twinkle.

Twinkle is a resin Ball Jointed Doll.  I got a very good deal on her on the secondary market.  She is loaded with personality, and she makes me smile every time I look at her.  She came in this lovely red storybook style Fairyland box with metallic silver embossing.

Twinkle is a very well traveled fairy, traveling from Korea to her first home in Australia.  More recently she made the trip from Australia to the US.   Inside her box, Twinkle traveled in style while she slumbered in her black and white checkerboard sleeping bag pillow.  It is padded on both sides to protect her all the way around.  Here she is peeking out of her pillow.

Relaxing on her pillow, she is so happy to finally be home.

She came with a red hood with an apple print lining and a bell on top.  Her hands and feet are magnetic, and she came with an extra set of hands and a set of resin shoes that can be painted any color.  She also came with a cane.

Also included were her her green and white striped pants and original white mohair wig.

She has a gold metal stand that is engraved on one side with her picture and on the other side with her name.

Since she has magnets in her feet, she stands on her little metal stand beautifully. The stand is just a metal plate that the magnets in her feet attach to (no other support is needed).  Thanks to these magnets, she can also stand well on any metal surface without a stand, with either her bare feet or her resin shoes.

The magnets make it easy to change from her bare feet to her resin shoes.  What color do you think I should paint her shoes?

She also came with two nice big photo cards.

So far, I have made her a red wig and a bunny dress.  I can see many more clothes in her future though.  I'm even planning to build a fairy house for her.

If you're wondering just how big Twinkle is... She is 9.5 cm.  That's just 3.74" tall.

This is a normal size toothpick she's holding.

Here she is standing next to a tiny chair that I got for her at Hobby Lobby.  The back of the chair is just 2 inches tall.

As tiny as she is, she is extremely posable.

Here she is with my Littlefee, Rosalee.

Twinkle likes giving Rosalee a hard time.

Everything is funny when you're RealPuki sized.

Rosalee is my sweet girl, and Twinkle is my silly girl.

Twinkle might be tiny, but she has a big personality.  She loves to help with everything, and she's always getting in to something.

"Hmmm... What can I get in to?"

Twinkle loves art.  Her favorite thing is to help with any crafts that might be on my craft table.

"I wanna paint."

I think she needs her own RealPuki sized art supplies though.

"Is this for me?"

Oh no, Twinkle, not the Sharpie...

"But it says fine point."

Excuse me, I'd better go keep an eye on this busy little fairy.


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, it's always nice to meet new bloggers with dolly interests. You are such a lucky girl to have found Soso, I am so envious,she's my favourite RP and has the most wicked smile. As she seems to be a fan of red, I think it would be an appropriate colour for her shoes . . . after all, in stories red shoes have always been so so special. :)

    1. Xanadu, Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment here too! Red was the shoe color I've been leaning toward too, but I was wondering if I should go with something more versatile, in case I give her a lavender wig or something. I think Twinkle would be very happy to have some "special" red shoes! Thanks so much for helping me decide.

  2. Were did u get her! Oh my gosh i want one of my own. I jave been searching online but these dolls are so much money!$$$ how did u get her in such good shape from a secondary market.please tell me and also please check out my blog at

    1. Hi Mia,
      I purchased Twinkle from someone on one of the BJD Adoption groups on Facebook. She traveled all the way from the UK to me. That can be a risky way to acquire a doll, but I was very fortunate that her seller was honest and that she was in good condition. The seller answered all my questions and sent me lots of pictures. She came in her original Fairyland box. I'd love to check out your blog, but the link wouldn't work for me. :(


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