Thursday, March 3, 2016

Meet Our First Blythe Dolls - Clarke and Ryan

Hi Doll Friends,

Today, I'd like to introduce you to two new additions to our doll family. These two precious Blythe dolls are even more special because of the incredibly sweet lady, Jane, who sent them to my daughters. Jane has the awesome YouTube channel, maidensuit, with lots of informative videos about her wonderful collection of Blythe dolls and beautiful clothes and accessories. I messaged Jane to ask her about how the factory Blythes compare to stock Blythes. Remember, official release stock Blythes are produced by Takara, whereas factory Blythes are actually look-alikes produced by unknown sources. Jane said that she had decided to stick to the official release Blythes, and was so incredibly sweet to send her two factory Blythes to my daughters. At ages 10 and almost 13, these two junior doll collectors, were overjoyed to each receive their own Blythe, even before mom had one. :)

My almost 13 year old was over the moon for Clarke, with her long pink hair. She desperately wants to dye her own long curls blue, so she was immediately drawn to Clarke's fantasy hair color. :)

My youngest daughter fell head over heels in love with Soleil, with her short golden hair. She had some trouble remembering her name though, and kept calling her Souffle, like a dessert. :)  After a few days, she decided to rename her Ryan Souffle. 

Thank you Jane!!! These precious dolls came at a time when we needed them so much. They have been such a joy and a sweet distraction at a tragic time for us.  

Both girls wanted their dolls to have sleepy eyes, which requires adding an extra pull string that will keep their eyes closed. So I began researching to learn how to do this. I was fascinated by the customization process. We looked at lots of pictures, and the girls started asking for other things like freckles, painted eyelids, etc.

I found customizing so enjoyable. The sanding, carving, repainting, and everything was just so relaxing. Jane, I hope you don't mind that the girls look a little different now. Here are Clarke's before and after pictures.

And here are Ryan's aka Soleil's before and after pictures.

Sleepy eyes: Clarke's galaxy eyes and Ryan's bear eyes.


My girls want to thank you, Jane!!! Clarke and Ryan are having lots of fun with their new moms!

Please visit Jane's blog at and her YouTube channel at



  1. What a wonderful gift from Jane!

    Love the paint work that you did for the customization - the faces look fabulous!

  2. Wow! You did a great job customizing the dolls. Your daughter has beautiful hair, even if it's not blue!

  3. That's really wonderful. It's great that you got to have so much fun with your daughters.

  4. Awwww, that's so sweet of Jane! You've done an amazing job customizing your new little family members! Your daughters look so thrilled about them too!

  5. So happy Clarke and Ryan are with you now! They both look tremendously cute! Can't get over Clarke's galaxy lids. So cool!

  6. Oh, what a generous gift! Your girls look so happy! :)

  7. Beautiful difference, I love that you spent the time with your girls on this wonderful fun exciting project. They truly look amazing-impressive work.


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