Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dolls For Sale

Hi Doll Friends,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! Ours has been so busy, just filled with one event after another. I just wanted to mention that I have listed a few dolls for sale on eBay.  I love my dolls and I will continue to collect, but right now I need to downsize a few to raise money to pay an urgent bill.

Here is a list of the dolls that I currently have listed on eBay.

J-Doll Robison St J-603 by Groove 
Groove is same Jun Planning company that makes Pullip Dolls
Click here to go to her eBay listing.

She is brand new and has never been removed from her box. She has the most beautiful inset blue eyes made of glass.

Liv Dolls Making Waves Set of 4 Dolls including Katie, Sophie, Hayden & Daniela

Click here to go to their eBay listing.

If you love big inset eyes and tons of posability, then the super articulated Liv dolls are for you. They are brand new in their boxes. Liv Dolls were discontinued a few years ago, so they are no longer available in stores.

Antique Schoenhut #21/316 with Original Shoes and Socks
This beautiful carved wooden doll is from 1917 or 1918. I hate to part with one of my beloved Schoenhuts, but I need to raise the money before the end of the month. I hope that she will make someone just as extremely happy as she has made me.  I just love her!

Click here to see lots more pictures of her on eBay

She is the largest size Schoenhut, measuring 22" tall. The Schoenhut metal spring joints gives her the amazing ability to be posed in and hold so many poses.

I have also listed a Cutie Pops Doll Day In The Park Hair and Eye Accessory Pack.
It is brand new in unopened package.
Click here to see this set on eBay.

I will be listing more, so please check out my eBay listings if you have a chance.  Thank you!!!



  1. these dolls are mega cute!!! love them so much, however i was wondering if you do 18 inch doll reviews? I love this new collection called Maru and Friends. I follow them on social media and I am completely obsessed.

    1. Hi,
      I have done some American Girl reviews. I don't have a Maru and Friends doll yet, but I'd love to get one and do a review! :)

  2. Super cute! I'm turning thirteen this year - I also LOVE Maru & Friends! My Mom & I make beds and bunk beds for my dolls - check us out here:


    1. Hi Kathleen,
      My middle daughter is almost 13. I checked out your link and the beds your mom and you make are awesome! Very adorable!!!

  3. How loveley ! I just bought a Maru and Friends doll for my daughter ! She's in LOVE! May want to cosider doing a review?


    1. Hi Mary,
      I don't have a Maru and Friends doll yet, but they look like awesome dolls. I'd love to be able to review one someday!


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