Thursday, March 13, 2014

Meet Amelia Thimble from Wilde Imagination

Please help me welcome Amelia Thimble.  Amelia is a ball jointed doll (or BJD) from Wilde Imagination. She arrived in a tiny yellow box with green polka dots and an adorable sketch of Amelia holding a needle and thread in one hand and a button in the other hand.  Sew cute!


Of course, Twinkle wanted to be at the box opening to be the first to meet Amelia and welcome her to her new home.

Yay!!!  She's here!!!

It was such a long trip!

Here, let me help you out of there.

You rescued me!  Thanks!

Amelia is made of resin and has 14 points of articulation.  She stands 4" tall, just a little taller than Twinkle.

It's so nice to finally meet you!

These two are going to be fast friends.

Amelia has inset green-grey eyes that can be changed.  She has a chestnut wig, and her hair can easily be changed to a completely different wig.  I love the versatility of wigs.  It is so easy to pop a new wig on a doll if you get bored with how she looks, and it's like having a totally different doll. 

Patience, who is also from Wilde Imagination, was there to welcome Amelia home too.

Amelia looks so tiny in comparison to Patience.  I thought they might look like sisters, since they are both redheads,  but Amelia's hair is more auburn and Patience is more of a carrot-top.

Patience is going to have her hands full with these two.

Twinkle couldn't wait to show Amelia around the fairy house.

Time to get busy crafting some clothes and accessories for Amelia, with her help of course.  Amelia loves crafts, sewing, knitting, anything sew crafty.  She would feel right at home in a sewing basket among the buttons and spools of thread.  Her name is Amelia Thimble, after all. 


  1. She is absolutely adorable! Enjoy her!!!

  2. She is a little cutie. Twinkle looks so cute hovering over the box waiting for her new friend to come out. I also love your doll Patience. She is gorgeous.

  3. I'm pleased you are enjoying your AT, I ordered Izzy and found this size doll is just way tooo tiny for me. Which also means there will be no PukiPukis or RealPukis for me either...which is sad because I love Soso's happy little face.

    Patience has a very expressive face too! I love how you have posed her with the tinies...very sweet.


    1. Thanks Xanadu! The tinies definitely aren't for everyone. They are easier to make scenes for because they work with most 1:12 scale dollhouse furniture and accessories, and because their scenes and accessories take up less room. You would probably like the size of Patience. She is way more substantial.

  4. Amelia is so cute. :) I love all your adorable pictures. :)

  5. She is super cute
    Is her wig good quality?

    1. Thanks Freja! Her wig is very nice quality. I hadn't played with it or styled it at all for the pictures. It is very soft and nice and thick. It is not too thick to be out of scale for tiny Amelia though. I love the color of it too.


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